A quick penny for my thoughts post…

I am currently ploughing the LQAF and a couple of thoughts passed through my  increasingly muddled brain: 1) Loads of this should have been set up before my time 2) I need a lot of evidence to support a lot of work.

Then a thought occurred to me – instead of an imprinted Booth (2004) on my brain and scouring library journals to find the best possible practice for the library why not search for the evidence that supports how we do it already – is that not easier, if not truly in the spirit of EVP? I would then only have to do 1 thing and I already know that its right (this is another post for another day – what if you KNOW you work is right, even without evidence – does that make you an innovator? Maybe. Deluded? Most probably). It would be easier to find the evidence that best suits my needs, but what is the long-term benefit of that?

I have an OPPORTUNITY to almost build a library from the ground up – to reshape a service that is horribly outdated and with a line manager who supports and believes in me and my work. How many people have this – especially with all the changes that will undoubtly happen in the upcoming months and years. Why would I take short cuts now – I may never have it so good again. So – Here’s to searching, reading, disocver, amending and creating.