A week in the life…Meetings

I just thought i would share a quick post to something i tend to spend more and more time doing – attending meetings. I tend to class meetings as anything that involves discussion (structured or non) that isn’t specifically led (like a library induction) has specific learning outcomes (i.e. training) – not to say i do not learn at meetings. I use meetings, “I can’t this tomorrow I’m in meetings”, as a general term – from everything from a non operational library 1-1 to a conference.  I don’t tend to count telephone or email correspondence as meetings unless that choice of media had been predefined (and quite frankly i don’t know how to do a conference call on Cisco phones 🙂 ) This week was quiet meeting light as there was only one that required any real travel, and no regional meetings – which are always good for learning.


Monday was meeting-less, which is common-place as this year it is my university day so we have always tended to keep it free. However as my sub-par attendance at uni showed, this was not always the case. The majority of the day was spent on the knowledge management policy and the LQAF.


Again – meeting-less. This was a meeting was pushed back until the following week. A bonus of a definite meeting free day is no need to wear a suit! Though as a precaution i have a suit always in the office, ready to change into. Though that is not to say that meeting-less days are fruitless. I always feel more work is done, often implementing actions and developing practice from previous meetings.


Wednesday made up for the previous two easy days meetings wise – i had three – all spread out over the day.

The first was a catch-up meeting with my colleague from the public library who is my contact with regards to the ‘healthy libraries’ work we do (though this needs a new name as it cover so much more now!). It is a fortnightly catch up meeting just seeing where we are and what we needs to be done. It’s quite informal and always an enjoyable meeting!

The second was a meeting involved round a health promotion campaign i am the operational lead for which is the pharmacy campaign. it was a briefing on the next topic – Chlamydia. It was very interesting to hear how the screening programme R U Clear works and i think the facebook-esq marketing campaign is genius – though being a  presence isn’t really the best use of my time especially in a busy period. Though there was a free lunch. Score!

The third meeting involved myself, the outgoing KM lead and the Assistant Director AHPs/Learning &. Development and was about the Knowledge management policy. It was a fruitful meeting and has pushed on the policy. The inital survey has gone out. It is my role to ensure that the library remains a focal point of the knowledge management policy and of knowledge within the trust.


Two meetings today and contained one of my favourite type of meetings – a meeting i had completely forgotten about! The first meeting was about how the library can help a project involving the development, and accessing of clinical audits. Coming off the back of the KM meeting yesterday this was perfectly timed and a good advert for the library – everyone came away with good news: us/me – work opportunities in a new/neglected area; them – they were not aware of what we could offer – so have discovered for more evidence streams and access to information. A good result all round!

The second meeting involved the Social Prescribing project i am (still) involved in. The meeting although long was worthwhile as it reinvigorated the website project which the general consensus was that it had stalled. A stumbling block to a major aspect has returned, but that just needs to work through.


Friday was one meeting, around the topic of Consumer Health Information. Myself and 3 colleagues from the Public Library visited Manchester Public Library, then Gorton Library to investigate how they have set up and maintained health information points throughout the public library network in Manchester. Incidentally – the only notable person from Gorton according Wikipedia is a moors murder victim – why not leave it blank? We met with Jenny Williams who was one of the leads on the project. On the whole i found it very useful and interesting – how it started and developed, funding opportunities – the successes and challenges they have met. I think that we are perfectly positioned to achieve this with our set-up, having a more health focused  communication channels available to us than Manchester had initially, so if we do push forward with this we can hopefully be as succesful as Manchester has. I am particularly interested in the useful websites for patients as this is something i have individually tried to get of the ground before only to met with to  many barriers. Also of great interest was the Macmillian work they have done. In 3 libraries throughout the borough – at fixed times per week they have a Macmillian specialist who comes into the library and the library is used as a drop in for people who have issues, questions, quiries or need help regarding cancer. This is a brilliant service and can be seen here . The potential for this service is unbound – it takes advantage of the location to give people access to services that may have been beyond them previously – an evolution from the information prescriptions and the (successful) health events that we have laid on previously. A major downside was the near 30 minute wait for a taxi in the sun. Being a fair-haired individual, this completely messed me up for the rest of the day.

Overall – not too bad of a week meeting-wise, not much travel and as a whole very informative and progressive. Though with now only a week till 2 blissful weeks of annual leave, and a montionous volume of work still to do…


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