Library Day in The Life – Day 2

Decided on a less ‘wordy’ format for this entry. if you have any questions about any tasks/jobs mentioned – please leave a comment I’d be more than happy to reply


  • very little sleep and back is till sore. today feels like its going to be looong day. Walked Fiance to bus station.
  • In work for just before 8


  • Chat with some of the librarians from Public Library. The cuts they’re facing are horrendous. A lot of talk of de-specialisation of staff to save money. Sure this will be happening elsewhere as well. Not heard a peep from CILIP.
  • Finish off Horizon Scanning Bulletin before its sent out. Penny tends to find most of the information for this.
  • Finished off Library Strategy Draft – sent to line manager. Once it gets OK, do Executive Summary and then off to the board (who won’t care)
  • appraisal form finished – a month late. KSF is a load of shite. Found 2 similar job titles – yet vastly different descriptions.
  • Written summary for Literature Search User Analysis did in June. Overall positive, some things to work on. Will hopefully tie into Public Health Information Needs Analysis that is currently ongoing


  • Due to go to Rice ‘n’ Three for lunch so didn’t do a salad. Plans changed so got a chicken mayo sandwich from Hampsons/Sayers. Sulking. Rice ‘n’ Three Rocks
  • Check emails/Facebook. Hear peep from CILIP. 9 messages about courses that are nowhere near my location.


  • Bit of Procrastination – Tidied shelves behind issue desk and went through alcohol teaching packs as part of resource audit. Set criteria for use within last 3 years, seems to be over 3/4 of stock won’t meet it. What does that tell you? How ruthless can i be?
  • Bit of training with apprentice. He can now fully use laminator, binding machine and shredder!
  • Adding, then moving, then deleting some resources from library wiki. Bits of it seemed dated. need to put some time aside to work on it.
  • With webmaster hat on – do some work on PCT website.
  • Another hat on – try (and fail) to write introduction to Social Prescribing project i work on. Will need to take this home. Bugger.
  • Write instructions on setting up laptop and projector for Dermatology Team. Laptop is ancient.

Post Work:

  •  Leave work about 6.15 (5 minutes late)
  • Gave blood. I have rare blood (AB-). Mega Busy, had to wait over half and hour even with appointment. Blood then takes less than 5 minutes to leave body. I rule.
  • Future Mrs Cook discovers she has iron deficiency and can’t give blood for a year. Decide to have spinach with tea.

Day 2 over. Let me know what you think!


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