Library Day In The Life 5 Day 3

Library Day in the Life Day 3 I thought I would try something different again, sticking to yesterdays more succinct style this is being written on the next day AM rather than at the end of play, allowing time for reflection. Today was a less labour-intensive day, due to some outreach work and a long lunch

• In work at just after 8 as Laura decided on the later bus. Arm is still sore after giving blood, but am still smug

 • 2 jobs need to be done before 9 (SP work & projector set-up guide), but only managed to get 1 done. Bugger!

• 1st Outreach session of the week at Physio team at a health centre this morning. These don’t fill me with dread as they used to

• Session turned out to be a 1-1, which isn’t a bad thing . I really enjoy these sessions – especially when they go as well as today. The user was very impressed (as she should 1 ½ hours of my undivided attention!!). I feel the experiential approach is best when Information Skills Training, and I like to get them to choose the examples as often the training has been requested for a very specific reason. Plus if they know the topic – they can see that it works and are more inclined to use the skills. Downside is it’s a bit harder to control in a larger group and there’s no guarantee of a successful search! I have ways round that though.

• Training on NHS Evidence and HIR is something I seem to do well and have nothing but positive feedback, which is strange as I hate speaking in front of groups. If/when I move on its an area to consider branching into.

• Took a long lunch and surprised Laura at work with some flowers. Went to the Italian restaurant near her work for lunch (really recommend for a nice, cheap meal). It was very nice, though slightly tempered by the fact that the lasagne Laura ordered was far superior to my homemade attempts. She deserves little surprises like this as I can be difficult to live with sometimes. I think her workmates are slightly jealous though.

 • Back to the library this PM, Had a chat with the apprentice about working styles and areas he needs to focus on when working in a office (or library) environment – aside from myself (who would prefer a silent workplace) He’s had a couple of contrasting examples with staff he worked with, one being an example of best practice.

• Finished off Social Prescribing introduction for new website – though not happy with overall quality

 • Doing an Information Needs Analysis for Public Health with upcoming changes in mind. 95 members of staff, only 29 respondents. Not good. Will need to get Line Manager to chase people up.

• 5.30 finish today – but only because the building shuts then!

Another day over. If you have any questions/comments get in touch!


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