Library Day In The Life 5 – Day 4

Again – going to keep this one quiet short, but may do a reflection of the week and process over the weekend if i get time.

Summary of today was that it was like a Friday as off to a wedding tomorrow. This meant tieing up loose ends, reflecting on week with staff and looking forward to the next week! Am definetly out of library 2 days and am inducting new library bank staff on Friday. Today was my most unproductive day. Too tired, not pleased with the day in the least – felt like a waste. As you may guess – i can be a tad negative when tired!

  • Again arrived in work just after 8 after walking in with Laura. Really tired. Glad not in work tomorrow
  • First job was writing yesterdays blog, i think the gap allowed for a little reflection but not masses if truth be told
  • Much of the morning was spent either working on the A-Z wiki or cajoling the apprentice. Having never worked before he fades noticeably through the week. The fact that he has Chicken – Tikka sandwiches for breakfast no doubt aid the decline. He ended up shelving most of the day, when not directed in a task.
  • Went through this year’s health survey for line manager – also tasked library assistant as she has an eye for detail.
  • Lunch was greek salad with tin of sardines. I frickin’ loved it.
  • Whilst at lunch i did a box of stock checking. Really disappointed with some of the stock. Can’t believe a lot of it was ever put on system in the first place.
  • Updated delicious site for first time in 3 weeks. Which was procrastination at its core!
  • Got very annoyed at a member of staff (not library) did not offer a cursory thank you when i held a door open and then later on let another door shut. It’s just rude. If they are like that with fellow members of staff, dread to think what a customer would have to deal with!
  • More talking with the apprentice. About unwritten office rules and importance of not gossiping and paying attention to what people say.
  • Afternoon was littered with article requests which i jumped at the chance – anything to pass the time…
  • Due to past indiscretions I have to send detailed to do emails for staff when I’m away. I spend far too much time ensuring basic stuff gets done.
  • Finished at 6pm – had to go shopping with Laura for wedding outfit. Brides have it easy…
  • Finally – this is how my to-do list for the week ended:

to do list 2607 end

Not Pretty.

Will try a summary/reflection for entire week at some point. let me know what you think!


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