New Year Resolutions. Personal & Professional

I’ve never been one for NYR’s as I have very little willpower and never used to have any forward planning ability or desire. Plus if it’s a promise to yourself, only you know if you break it. However after reading this post by @clarileia I have decided to this year and that put them here to track them! These are some thought on aspects of my life both professionally and personally I can improve upon and/or change in the next 12 months.

This is my statement of intent for 2011:

Professional resolutions

  • Finish Masters – Although i have no doubt the taught section will be completed on schedule (May 2011) – the dissertation i want out-of-the-way as well! I resolve to get it done by September 2011.
  • Be Confident – I resolve to be more confident when dealing with people. I know what I’m talking about, I am good at my job, I have expertise and mad skills. I just need to project that. This obviously links to a lot more of the resolutions.
  • Blog more – I have tried and failed many times to blog regularly and have always failed to keep up with it, maybe due to a lack of confidence. I’m resolve to blog at least once a week and have signed up to postaweek2011 to try and keep up.
  • Contribute more to LIHNN Network – Although I do contribute, I need to contribute more and be a force for change rather than agreeing with others. I need to place myself in a more prominent position, especially with a lot of the changes that are and will happen.
  • Contribute more to Department – With the move over to the Local Authority (in whatever shape it takes) there is scope for me to take on more of a role within the department. I have by choice kept at arm’s length due to it being a snake pit of political nonsense, but i resolve to become more a focal point within the department in 2011. Possibly even going on a staff do.
  • Time Management – I resolve to improve my time management in the next 12 months. I want to move away from the days where every thing is last-minute or ‘Just-in-Time’ as it’s a bad mindset to have and results in very frantic deadline rushed work, which is often not to the quality I expect.
  • Network! – In all aspects i don’t get out there and sell myself enough. I resolve to network more and better in 2011.
  • Be a Better Manager – I want to improve as a manager in 2011. Often I end up resolving situations myself instead of enabling my staff. In 2011 I resolve to be more managerial which probably means being more of a dick.
  • Get Published – I feel that i worked at a sufficiently high level, and in a sufficiently unique situation that i can or contribute to a published piece of work. Have no clue on what topic yet though.
  • Launch Data Hub – I am part of the team who is developing the data hub. I will be the information manager (basically in charge) . I resolve that i will do my best to get this launched by projected date 2011
  • Not to Stand Still – I resolve to not stand still professionally – always looking at new ways of thinking, better ways of working. This includes reflection of what i currently do.

Personal Resolutions

  • Lose Weight – I imagine this is what everyone wants to do. I currently weigh over 100kg and need to lose at least 30kg. However I have been going the gym on a semi-regular basis for about 4 months, so i need to make more lifestyle changes… I resolve to keep with the gym at least 4 times a week (including Spinning and Pilates), to start eating healthier and to…
  • Relearn to swim – I went swimming last year and very nearly drowned. I will relearn in 2011
  • No Booze 1 month in 3 – Giving up the booze fulltime is unrealistic, but for an entire month in three is a good start (rather than not drinking 30 days out of 90!). Going to give January as Month 1.
  • Separate work from home – I bring work home which i shouldn’t do. I resolve to reduce and then stop bringing work home.
  • Save £2500 for the wedding – We want to get married as soon as we can afford it, but have no savings between us – meaning at this rate we have no chance. It needs a change in thinking. At 30 years old – money is no longer there to be spent!
  • Get Married – See Above!
  • Save for a deposit (at least start) – Although with the wedding this maybe difficult i want to have started saving for this. By the end of 2012 I want to be living in our new house.
  • Be more sociable – I am, by nature a miserable bastard. unfortunately I’m turning Laura into one too. I resolve to spend more time with friends (both mine and her’s), family, make new friends, go out more etc.
  • Watch the rest of Battlestar Galaticia.
  • Reach Level 20 on Playstation Trophies. Yup- I’m a trophy whore. I’ve been on level 13 for ages…

6 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions. Personal & Professional

  1. Best of luck with the resolutions – quite a lot to take on.

    Personal finance wise you might want to borrow the book of this site from the library (if they have it).

    There is a UK edition and it has a lot of handy tips for starting saving and for couples finances.

    Probably a lot of it is on the site but with $ signs all over the place.

    No doubt others would say the same stuff but I thought it was a pretty good presentation of the ideas.

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