Indie-Work Out Mix Version/Volume 1

I don’t see why, on the whole dance music corners the market of ‘gym music’ be it the awful background music, the work-out mixes or even in spinning classes. It doesn’t help that its the dull repetive dance music. Basically it is the slave ship drum beat (as often seen in Asterix cartoons) with a 21st century tilt.  Guitar music can also be uplifting, fast paced and driven.

With this in mind i have taken it upon myself (with no scientific evidence) to develop the ultimate ‘Indie’ workout mix, using my limited knowledge of mainstream music. It’s going to be approximately an hour-long, with a 3-5 minute cooldown (or 1 slow song at the end). There will  be a sprinkling of a #shinemarathon in here most probably but I will try to keep it as current as possible as not just to be my favourite fast paced tunes!

  1. Arcade Fire – Ready to Start
  2. The Walkmen – Angela Surf City
  3. No Future Part III – Titus Andronicus
  4. Power – Kanye West
  5. Grounds for Divorce – Elbow
  6. Worm Tamer – Grinderman
  7. King of the Beach – Wavves
  8. I’m not Living in the Real World
  9. A Pot in Which to Piss – Titus Andronicus
  10. Round & Round – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
  11. Paper Planes – MIA
  12. Night – Zola Jesus
  13. I Can Change – LCD Soundsystem
  14. The Golden Path – The Chemical Brothers

If this doesn’t get you running, nothing will! This will be my soundtrack to the treadmill until I bother with another one.

(Alternatively – Just listen to the entire Titus Andronicus: The Monitor Album)

Let me know what you think!

*Edit* – Should be called ‘Treadmill Tracks’. Stupid slow brain.


One thought on “Indie-Work Out Mix Version/Volume 1

  1. I used to have a great spin circuit instructor who every third session or so would rock out. I recall Motorhead – Ace of spades was particularly effective as was GnR Welcome to the Jungle. We even had a bit of Iron Maiden on occasion. He also used to play quite a lot of Killers. Worked for me but others were less keen. Almost killed myself to a burst of Eye of the Tiger. That said he also used to play an awful dance cover of a New Order track that used to make me grind my teeth so it wasn’t all good.

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