Library Day in the Life 6 – Day 1 & Introduction #libday6


This took me by surprise, I was convinced that it hadn’t been a year since #libday5, so was relieved to hear its a bi-annual event!

For those not aware, my name is Michael Cook, I am the Library Manager for NHS Bolton. We are a small library that I feel, offers a wide range of services beyond our stature. I am the senior member of staff and wear many hats, a lot you will see this week! For more information about me – just ask! You can follow my day ‘live’ here on Twitter. Just remember views expressed here on anywhere else are my own and not representative of my organisation

Day 1: Monday

As a pre-amble i should note I’ve had a bit of a bug, which has developed from a sore throat early last week. So my activity has been and probably will be curtailed.

The day starts at 5.45(ish) and a trip to the gym. I’m in the gym (shower included about an 1hour 40 minutes) and its a really good start to the day. Full of piss, vinegar and endorphins! My weight-loss goals and quest to find the perfect gym music is well documented in other entries within this blog!

This was derailed somewhat due to the library being electricty-less for half and hour in the entire building and in  NHS Bolton Library? Until 10am. Not good.

The day proper then could start. I have a to-do list, which alongside new tasks i tend to work from. Being a librarian, its numbered and themed.

A main project of mine is the development of a data-hub type Knowledge Management resource for NHS Bolton/Bolton Council. I am part of a working group alongside a website person, the Public Health research analyst and my line manager. Who is a very nice man. I am going to managing the site once is up and running and am a lead developer for it ensuring that everything makes sense from a information retrieval perspective. A large chunk of the morning was spent prepping for this meeting and trying to work out how i was going to extol the virtues of faceted searching to my (non-library background) line manager who has no clue what i was talking about! The meeting itself was very succesful, everyone agreeing on the way forward and the main metadata being agreed upon (as well as which thesaurus we were basing our entire site on!).

elsewhere in the day I:

I finished up at around 3.30pm due to ill-health. Home, couch, Playstation.

Tomorrow will be busier – i promise!

Have Fun



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