Library Day in the Life – Day 2 #libday6

Right – today I felt a look better and hence got more done today. Though I didnt feel that great so apologised my attendance at a meeting.

Again the day started with the Gym. I love going to the gym.

  • Got into work about 8:50. Thankfully we had power!
  • First job of the day was to finish the work on PHIT Report (no. 3 Breastfeeding in Bolton HEA). This is a struggle as it involves our website, which has the same functionality as a wiki (without the usability) and is organised really, really poorly. It takes a day to get anything done as any changes need to approved. (rant over)
  • There is an issue with membership of a regional NHS Library group i sit in (as in too many people are members at present time). So, I offered to fall on my sword. I didn’t want to, but I have a lot on so it seemed beneficial for all, and will rejoin when there is next a space open.
  • Spent some  more time on the Library Blog. It’s a good job to do when waiting for other things/work based procrastinating. Spent about an hour on this today, publishing 16 articles.
  • Had an impromptu meeting with member of ‘healthy schools team’ about possibility of some health resources being loaned to Teachers Resource Centre, to see if they would get used more that way. I’m for it.
  • Another major project i am working on is the Bolton HiP’s project (very similar to Manchester) with the Local Authority Public Library. Just trying to get this finished off, but boundaries keep moving (metaphorically) and people don’t or can’t do what they promise, so will probably do as much as possible on my own. 1 is a team!
  • Set up a meeting with campaign lead and designer as part of my role of Pharmacy Health Promotion/Public Health Campaign operational lead.
  • Attended the Public Libraries update meeting – I can’t discuss this until Friday when its made public.
  • Am Athens Administrator, and did some work on that
  • Helped out a senior manager (who is a library fan) with an IT problem. I also her told her of for eating a scone in the library and not offering me any!
  • Helped Library Assistant get some information on gingivitis for himself. The fact that consumer health provision is a major part of his role, yet he couldn’t get the information for himself doesn’t beat thinking about!! I could write 10,000 words on our relationship…
  • The PM was spent looking at the library finances as have a meeting about it on Thursday and we underspent considerably last year. Interesting thing – we were charged £824 for 2 bottles of shredder oil. Hmmm…
  • As part of the policy group (we write a policy on specific commissioning issues such as money-saving or implementation issue or money-saving or regional changes or money-saving… within the Trust – it has ties to the special cases panel. My role along with PH researcher is to find what the acceptance evidence is a produce a draft document for approval including equality audit etc. Once that has happened we get the specific information for Bolton (costing, stats, population types) worked on latest request Baratric Surgery with the emphasis on the losing of 10% of weight aspect. Senior Manager and group lead asked us to find one thing and all 6 trust policies found said exact opposite. Got colleague to email her that piece of news…
  • Due to collection of teenagers – moved out onto issue desk at end of day. Finally moved Delicious bookmarks to Diigo – though don’t use them as much with advent of blog. finished at about 6.20
  • Home – reading for Uni tomorrow.

Overall – a more typical day workload wise – didn’t get many large things done – but that is often the way!

Have Fun



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