Library Day in the Life – 3 #Libday6

Todays entry will be a bit shorter than usual as the day is officially a uni day, though I was in work either side. I have Wednesday as my rest day from the gym (too many bags to carry you see)

  • In first thing to check and sort a few emails before getting the train to Uni
  • I’m studying the MA in Library and Information Management, and overall I haven’t been impressed (though that is a blog post for another day). Today sadly, was no exception – with the highlight being told how to search on Google for potential Lit Review sources and then having a 20 minutes demonstration on said searching.
  • PM was a discussion and then play with ‘Greenstone’ software, which we need to use as part of a ACW. Pretty sure it was being used because it was either free or very cheap access.
  • I was back in work about 3:45pm and stayed in until the end (5;30pm).
  • Answered a few email enquiries
  • Sorted an Athens access issue (wrong details)
  • More website work
  • Re-took control of the delivery aspect of the Pharmacy campaign I operationally lead. Not impressed with how it was being handled
  • Home for tea and some Uni reading.

Overall not what I would class a real ‘library’ day – its good to get out of the office, and the qualification I’m sure will be worth it, but often it feels like time wasted.

Have Fun



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