Library Day in the Life Day 4 – #libday6 (sorry its late)

Apologies for the delay in this one – a combination of poorly sickness and Future Mrs Cook’s 30th Birthday led to doing this on memory. So onto the fun:

Because I was Ill on Monday, University of Wednesday and off for birthday fun on Friday, This day was vital to ensuring it was at least a partially succesful week.

The morning was dominated with getting smaller jobs done, and then a meeting with my line manager. Smaller jobs included:

  • Invoice checking
  • email checking and replying
  • Current Awareness Blog updating (cheap plug)
  • Prepping weekend jobs

My line manager has no library experience – he is the Head of Public Health Intelligence and we sit in the Public Health Intelligence. His knowledge comes from the data side which is a good thing, and he trusts my judgement for all things ‘library’ which is also a good thing! We discussed my upcoming dissertation (work related) and course generally (waste of time), general library issues (all good), PHIT Away Day (eep) and finally library finances (underspend!). As line managers go, he is fair, easy to talk to and lets people get on with what they’re paid to do ( novel I know!).

The afternoon was really just trying to get as much done as possible. However our IT network is very unreliable at the moment (and not just for the Facebook surges between 12-2) so this often makes work on specific tasks difficult. I ended up doing parts of a lot of smaller jobs, which was frustrating as it meant more unfinished work:

  • An emergency literature search on side effects of contraception to a 30 year old female smoker
  • A book order
  • Prepping  jobs for Saturday Assistant
  • More current awareness stuff
  • Athens Administration
  • Website changes

Overall today was really a snapshot of the week, I never really got going, just dipping my toe into lots of different things.  If only #libday was a fortnightly occurrence!


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