Treadmill Tracks 2 – A #shinemarathon special

This is the 2nd installment of Treadmill Tracks – trying to improve the quality of music in gyms – and I thought i would do a playlist from another musical topic close to my heart – The Shine Marathon .The only rules are that they are on the Shine Marathon playlist and they are songs that i like. It’s not my ‘best of’ #shinemarathon, more songs suited to the treadmill. I’ve tried to go for either not that well-known artists or in most cases not the artists most well tracks. So it may be educational as well as err exercisonal! Either way i hope  it will still get the feet a moving on the treadmill. Or Cross Trainer. Or Stairmaster. Or Exercise Bike. I have put the #shinemarathon number after them in case you want to play along 🙂

  1. My Star -Ian Brown (287)
  2. Race – Tiger (238)
  3. Richard III – Supergrass (325)
  4. Something 4 the Weekend – Super Furry Animals (95)
  5. Angel Interceptor – Ash (50)
  6. One in a Million – Sussed (161)
  7. Livin’ it Up – Northern Uproar (153)
  8. 12 Reasons Why I Lover Her – My Life Story (136)
  9. Sandstorm – Cast (61)
  10. Sleep Well Tonight – Gene (109)
  11. Divebomb – Number One Cup (69)
  12. Let’s All Togther – Marion (57)
  13. She Said – Long Pigs (85)
  14. We Love You – Menswear (131)
  15. U16 Girls – Travis (240)
  16. Chinese Burn – Heavy Stereo (154)
  17. Bully Boys – Shed Seven (231)
  18. Tomorrow – James (261)
  19. One Night Stand – The Aloof (204)

This is worth listening to purely for the lyric wonderment that is  Number One Cup – Divebomb. Awesome.

So after one gym session listening to that, you should be fitter and smarter. And of the opinion that the 90’s were indeed the best decade for music. If you think music starts and ends with britpop. Which it totally does.

Let me know what you think!

edit 07/02/11 – Having actually test driven it, i feel its slightly too long, and as such have removed Pavement- Shady Lane from the list.


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