Here it is… My first blog post as part of the CPD23 movement.  If you are not aware of this, click here for more information. And sign up!

Before I look at why I am partaking in the very excellent CPD23 project i will quickly address the title of this post. I intended this blog to be my blog that mainly focus on me as the ‘information professional’ with possible occasional posts of a more personal nature. However, mainly due to a lack of confidence, I have (and go back through previous posts if you don’t believe me) almost exclusively tended to blog about personal things, and many of those have been very silly. My life is neither interesting or dramatic enough for that.

With that out-of-the-way onto why I have decided to CPD23 this time:

  1. I recognise the importance of CPD as a developmental tool. Continued Professional Development is key to the evolution of a professional in any field, and as an information professional, this is no exception. Although it may not be mandatory as in other professions – working in a health library Nurses spring to mind almost immediately, it is still vital. Without it I would stagnate and be cut adrift from future trends. It is a way to ‘future proof’ my role.  In my case in particular, despite not being shy in telling the world how great I am, being the senior library member of staff  with no prior library management experience.  Feeling quite let down with what the Masters course I am  currently partaking in has offered me, CPD23 can hopefully allow me to develop. The correct CPD can only positively impact me and in turn the library service. And its all about impact.
  2. It will allow me to further develop the skills of reflection and analysing where i need to develop or highlight gaps in my learning, and how best to meet these needs. It is not good enough to wait for a course that seems useful or would give me the piece the paper to confirm skills I already have.
  3. Develop links to other information professionals. As commented on earlier, I am the senior library person  within the organisation. I have a fantastic line manager who offers support and advice where he can, but in certain library specific areas, he admittedly sometimes lacks the professional knowledge. I am doubly blessed as within the region, we have a very strong CPD and support network, but CPD23 will not only link me to other health information professionals, but also individuals whose experience in other fields can offer perspectives I may not have considered.
  4. I have just started the chartership process and believe that CPD23 will go a long way in helping me achieve chartered status. I truly believe that I do not lack the overall skills or ability to succeed as an information professional, but CPD23 in conjunction with my chartership adventure will go a long way in making me  more rounded, and eventually better at what I do.
  5. My interest was piqued last year in the 23 things project when there was Twitter discussion on how it was being rolled out and performed in, (I think) Portsmouth or Hampshire Public Libraries (apologies if i have got the details wrong). Hearing Helen Murphy discuss it at the New Professionals Conference only strengthened my interest and desire to contribute!
  6. Its Free. I work for the NHS. Enough Said

So there are 6 quick reasons as to why I am taking part, and come back and revisit this, as no doubt, when i have completed ‘Thing 2’ I will no doubt have seen other people’s reasons for CPD23’ing and taken them as my own.

Let me know what you think.