These are the blogs I have visited, enjoyed and in some cases contributed to as part of Thing 2 for CPD23. I originally looked out for other health library folk, but have since branched out into an almost scattergun approach, looking for people from different sectors and people I may not know. This was made a lot easier, after discovering the ‘delicious’ link after reading growth of a librarian blog. It was correct, my knowledge grew ! So a ‘gentle shoulder charge’ in their direction if you will:

I do not know if these blogs are the best or even the worst of ‘Thing 1’. There was theme’s of trepidation, but in a positive way, a willingness to commit and to learn. A few people,  had tried blogging previously like myself, and maybe saw it is as the new beginning in this respect. Something else that struck me was how well crafted, not just in words, but by design and unique these blogs were, from the very intricate and detailed (too detailed for my work computer) to very formal minimalistic set-ups – all brilliant! They make me want to better myself, not only the visual layout, but also how i craft my blogs. That is a good thing.

Of these that I have read, not one person seemed unhappy about the cpd23 or gave the impression they were not fully committed to it.

I look forward to seeing how we develop week by week. My goal is to at least comment, in a meaningful way on most, if not all of other contributors blogs.

If you feel I would benefit from reading your blog – leave me a message and I will check it out.