Where I cross the #CDP23 and #NPC2011 streams

One of the most interesting presentations for me personally at the New Professionals Conference was Megan Wiley’s excellent piece on working in a less traditional role within a library profession. This intrigued me because, although a Library Manager, and based within a library (within a library), I sit within our Public Health Intelligence Team, and I face and  have faced similar challenges to what Megan does.

How does this link to CPd23 though I hear you ask? One of Megan’s way round this was to show what she does and sell her ability and skill-mix to her colleagues. It is this point I believe is vital, because this sharing of skills, ability and knowledge intra-professionally is a core element to professional development, as it can open up avenues into new ways of working or just improve how you do day-to-day activities.

I am very lucky because  as I have access to a very strong regional network that offers peer-support and advice plus the sharing of best practice by other library practitioners and managers.  I would hope that this is available across sectors nationwide (globally), but I am not foolhardy to think that it is. In looking through the CPD23 programme, I saw nothing directly linked to sharing of best practice – though no doubt will naturally occur as it already will.

I am glad a didn’t start a new blog purely for CPD 23. So many of the very excellent Thing 1 posts i have read also contemplated  it. Over the course of CPD23 I am hoping to put examples of best practice from my professional activities (for examples of personal best practice check out the Mexican lasange recipe…), that I hope people will find useful.  Some of these will be developed from best practice elsewhere. I am also going to put a summary of what different areas and types of work I do. I do not consider myself an expert in a particular field (but I may know someone who is) but I would say I am very practical and pragmatic and have used almost nothing to produce something of worth of value that makes an impact (if only I could measure it). So if anyone would like to discuss any aspects of these – or even offer improvement just reply to something I post or get in touch with via the details here.


 P.S. Seriously, buy the Bon Iver album. Life is better with Bon Iver in it.


4 thoughts on “Where I cross the #CDP23 and #NPC2011 streams

  1. Hi Michael. I did start a blog specially for cpd23, but it was more that it was the catalyst to start my first blog. I certainly think it will be a more interesting blog if I mix cpd23 up with my reflections on my other activities, and I’ve been a little suspicious of those who’ve been blogging for ages and have set up a separate one for cpd23. So I think you’ve definitely done the right thing. A Mexican chilli lasagne recipe is never out of place!

    1. Thanks for the comment Georgina! I can see both sides of the arguments for those with well established (and popular) blogs. They may not want to dilute the thread or theme with CPD stuff. However If the CPD23 is just going to be a standalone piece of work, within the set timeframe, then is not just professional development rather than continued? I would say (and hope) that this the entire cpd23 project is aiming to be the spark for CPD to become ingrained in the particpants (life-long learning was a very ‘in phrase’ a while back!) rather than the CPD itself.
      Also Mexican Lasagne is a wonderous dish! I have been spreading the good word about it for years now!

      1. Exactly – I do see the arguments for setting up a separate blog, but the continuing bit of cpd and embedding it into your practice is surely a very important part of cpd23 (particularly since it isn’t just a standard social media 23 things) so putting it in a separate box doesn’t fit with that side of things, to my mind. Having said that, I think @bethanar’s idea is great – she’s starting a new cpd23 blog (http://bethanarcpd23.tumblr.com/) as it’s an opportunity to learn about a whole new blogging platform for her. Unsurprisingly – one size doesn’t fit all! 😉

  2. Hi Michael, thanks for your kind comments about my presentation. I’m really glad you found it relevant. I know barely anything about health information, although I have some friends working in the sector. Interesting to hear that you have a strong regional network. I love your idea of producing a summary of the different areas and types of work you do – I would definitely enjoy reading that. It’s a great idea as hard to know what’s really involved in different information roles and also what areas of overlap we might have.

    I’ve started a blog for cpd23 but I’m pretty behind at the moment! I enjoy reading other people’s so I like the idea that I can use a blog to keep track of them all. Remains to be seen if I write much myself though…

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