One of the most interesting presentations for me personally at the New Professionals Conference was Megan Wiley’s excellent piece on working in a less traditional role within a library profession. This intrigued me because, although a Library Manager, and based within a library (within a library), I sit within our Public Health Intelligence Team, and I face and  have faced similar challenges to what Megan does.

How does this link to CPd23 though I hear you ask? One of Megan’s way round this was to show what she does and sell her ability and skill-mix to her colleagues. It is this point I believe is vital, because this sharing of skills, ability and knowledge intra-professionally is a core element to professional development, as it can open up avenues into new ways of working or just improve how you do day-to-day activities.

I am very lucky because  as I have access to a very strong regional network that offers peer-support and advice plus the sharing of best practice by other library practitioners and managers.  I would hope that this is available across sectors nationwide (globally), but I am not foolhardy to think that it is. In looking through the CPD23 programme, I saw nothing directly linked to sharing of best practice – though no doubt will naturally occur as it already will.

I am glad a didn’t start a new blog purely for CPD 23. So many of the very excellent Thing 1 posts i have read also contemplated  it. Over the course of CPD23 I am hoping to put examples of best practice from my professional activities (for examples of personal best practice check out the Mexican lasange recipe…), that I hope people will find useful.  Some of these will be developed from best practice elsewhere. I am also going to put a summary of what different areas and types of work I do. I do not consider myself an expert in a particular field (but I may know someone who is) but I would say I am very practical and pragmatic and have used almost nothing to produce something of worth of value that makes an impact (if only I could measure it). So if anyone would like to discuss any aspects of these – or even offer improvement just reply to something I post or get in touch with via the details here.


 P.S. Seriously, buy the Bon Iver album. Life is better with Bon Iver in it.