Chartership Meeting 1 – 5th July 2011

Today I had my first meeting properwith my chartership mentor – Gil Young formerly of NOWAL and now of HCLU. The meeting took place at HCLU headquarters in Wigan between 2-3.15pm of 05/07/11 . I shall, at some point do a couple of blog posts looking at why i am chartering and also my initial meeting with Gil, why I think she is the right choice for me and our decision to work together in this.

This meeting was really split into two halves: initially looking at other chartership portfolios and then latterly Gil and I looked at the initial work I had done. I think it is really useful to look at the other portfolio’s as it gives you more ideas on how to present your own. I had looked at a couple online prior to the meeting, and 4 more this afternoon. All were higher education based, but with differing levels of experience (very useful) as despite working in libraries for 8 years – my experience could be considered quite narrow. I found myself not really interested in the focus of the work rather the layout and picking out little ideas on how to produce my own portfolio.

The second half of the meeting looked at some initial work Gil thought useful including my CV, my job description, my PDP and my role within the organisation. I think the overall feeling of the work that they were ‘starts’ with room for improvement. I based my PDP on a SWOT analysis coupled with my work appraisal form (my appraisal is on 15th July). Nothing I came with had the depth required, but I think at this early stage I was not willing to commit large amounts of my personal time to something that could be very wrong.  The 2 key areas i believe i need to develop prior to the next meeting area:

1) Looking at the organic beginnings of my reasons for self assessed development needs. Why do I need to develop my classification skills? What is the projected outcome of this need?

2) My reflection work needs development. I need to expand on the reasons

I am also going to blog about anything that i believe relevant to my chartership, both to track my own development (and maybe aid fellow chartership folk) but also as a prompt. My memory is not what it was!

Coming Up

I am starting my Prince2 foundation on Monday 11th July and at a Chartership event at Liverpool University on Friday 22nd July. Obviously I am currently participating in #CPD23 – which I hope will be of great help.

Until next time…


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