Another belated post – Why I am chartering NOW. This is a post I hope to update as I develop.

Why would I charter now? I have just completed 2 very disappointing years on the part time MMU course, my faith in the concept of CILIP (considering what is happening to my local public library service) is at a all-time low – not even discussing the decision to withdraw the mainly London-based overpriced training that was available, work is evolving at a massive and exciting rate, I work for a PCT in 2011, I am getting married in November (have I mentioned that 😉 ), I have a dissertation to write etc. etc.  I have too much on – don’t I? All those are good reasons as to why I should not. Yet some are also reasons why I should:

  • The post-graduate ‘librarian’ qualification is no longer enough. It may because I do not want to step ‘back’ in my next post to being an assistant-librarian (no disrespect to those who are of course) but I would be looking for at least a full librarian post and hopefully another library manager position at somewhere larger. I believe the chartership is necessary to achieve this – because it the post-graduate doesn’t give you the required skills? Quite possibly. this is the main reason. Chartership will allow me to develop professionally to level I belive I should be at – or at least confirm where I am. This is not an ego thing (see below for that), If I lost my job tomorrow, I would go back to bar work, or factory work if I had to.
  • Complex/Vibrant/Challenging work – I believe this is the perfect time to do the chartership – it is possible to introduce a new level of reflection. I am a strong believer in pushing positive change through in  difficult times. Why wait for the steady waters? This being said – despite the uncertain future, at this time I am steady. I have a strong support network – including a manager who believes in me. Why not now?
  • Arrogance – There are people in am aware of (and personally know) who are chartered – and I believe I am better than them. Once I am on the level playing field, then the work I do means more.
  • Jealousy – There are people within the local network who are ‘the’ person on a particular topic, and on a professional level I am jealous. if you want a random britpop track or a suitable Simpsons quote – I am your man. However professionally I am not there yet. I hope chartership, whilst not giving me the skills, will enable me to reflect on my own skill set, show where I need improvement, but also where I excel. do you ever get the ‘jack of all trades’ feeling? I do.
  • ‘Just’ Because – Why not? why not push myself constantly? I do it in the gym,why not at work
  • Being Better – I am sure it will make me a better librarian, and a better NHS staff member. it may even make me a better person.

 I am sure there are other reasons why I want to do this – which I will no doubt add later. But for now – lets stick with these 🙂

Let me know what you think.