#CPD Thing 4

A belated Thing 4 post today. This is going to be incredibly brief. I’m not even going to cover Twitter as I believe I covered it in my Thing 3 post.


I use RSS both professionally and personally, though I do not believe it as well as I could. Professionally, I use it to inform services and also to promote services . I cannot  get users to see the wonderfulness of RSS however! Personally – I do not follow anyone individually, though I feel I should (possibly Phil Bradley for work technology), but I do have a ‘LIS’ feed which I check regularly. I believe I could use it more and be more proactive with it.


I have never tried pushnote before, and in fact I had never even heard of it! The first impression was ‘No IE??’ Despite what you think about the Internet Explorer – it is such a prominent brand, it must turn people off straightaway. I can’t use this at work. I can’t promote it as a useful work tool (if it is).

That issue aside, I registered & downloaded app, and waited. Nope that was it. Right. Too add people I basically searched for everyone I who was in my Tweetdeck ‘mentions’ column for this week, the ones who were on pushnote anyway. And then I waited. Nope that was it.

At this time, I fail to see the point. As a useful sign posting tool, I could possibly see the benefits, but I would much prefer circa 2008 Delicious. In fact I would still prefer 2011 Delicious. Again, in theory I understand the ranking system, but isn’t that open to abuse and in this case, at this time pointless? I liked how a lot of other people had also tried it out on the #CPD23 page as well J. This is a tool that has not impressed me initially. I need to give it time. I will give it a month, but without its IE capability I am not sure, at this time and its minimal coverage. Maybe I should be a later comer to the pushnote party.

Not the most positive post I know! Hope to have Thing 5 up at some point in the next few days.



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