#CPD23 Thing 5 – Reflection and Reflective Practice

This week’s ‘Thing 5’ is reflection and my approach to ‘reflective practice’.

As a NHS member of staff I believe that ‘reflection’ is ingrained into us from the day we start or in the case of the newer nurses from the day training begins. Within the library itself we have resources dedicated to it – Johns being the main and most popular author. It is part of daily work activities. I feel reflection is important because it allows you to learn and to develop. Not everything you do or attend is going to revolutionise the way you work, but small thought about what you have just done, or how a meeting went can help you develop and prevent yourself from repeating mistakes or not recognising issues.

I thought I had quite a good grasp on reflection, but discussions with my Chartership mentor highlighted the fact that whilst a competent ‘reflective practitioner’ improvement was definitely achievable especially in what I reflected upon – in terms of my own development needs, I was quite short-sighted, looking at the small needs rather than the fundamental needs behind it, I was reflecting on too small a scale. I need to think about the ‘whole’ issue rather than the immediate as I tend to do now. Why I do this I am not 100% sure, but this ‘right-now’ mindset rather than ‘right’ mindset needs to change. I tend to use the gym first thing in the morning to reflect on the past day and to help visualise the upcoming day. I keep notes/handouts etc. as well as writing summary pieces – but possibly this needs to be done in a more structured manner. I hope to write up all ‘learning experiences here on the blog to help me with my Chartership and again hekp me develop further as a professional and as a person. CPD shouldn’t be a box ticking exercise and neither should reflection.


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