Quality Brief and Exchange Group Monday 18th July

Another quick Chartership post! It’s not going to be the minutes of the group or an analysis of the groups purpose – really just my ‘outcomes’ of this previous meeting – as it was my most involved outing in the group to date.

The ‘Quality’ group is a special interest group for LIHNN that focuses upon developing quality expertise and inform other members of LIHNN of quality developments. I am one member of eleven members within that group, and I personally enjoy this group as since I have joined I have found it very open, inclusive and innovative in its approach and doesn’t really ‘constrict’ when it comes to developments and possibilities. Despite being across all health-sectors in the region, it reminds me a lot of the work we do within primary care.

This meeting, in particular, was important to me personally as I have taken on a couple of tasks/roles, which I have up until know I had not done. They both focus upon the ‘quality survey’ which is a generic survey that can be adapted to meet all the different requirements necessary within the LIHNN community – after all the requirements of an acute library differ from a primary care library, and even intra-sector. The first task is to develop and produce an implementation guide for the survey, as I have produced similar things in the past, a quick and dirty example being this quick guide to NHS Evidence . I intend to get the draft completed by the close of play next Friday, and have something official set in place by the next library managers meeting (no doubt in some far flung location in-accessible by public transport J) . The second was to actually lead on the survey work-stream completion (with a colleague) on the survey to actually get it used! The survey has had many formats and many difficulties and in its original concept was quite rigid and only of real use to acute libraries – and very traditional ones at that. Now with the flexibility etc. it is hoped that all can now use it and will use it, measuring quality whenever they like! I think it is important for me to take more of a role, because despite being a willing member of other groups in the past (CPD, Coordinating committee etc.) I have not always taken on work, partly due to my massive workload, but also maybe partly due to a lack of confidence when working at the regional level – which is probably a hangover from my early days within the community.

There was much, much more discussed (have much love for MAP) and agreed upon in the meeting – but for that you will have to read the minutes!



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