Chartership Event – Building your Portfolio 22nd July 2011

This is going to be a very brief blog post on the portfolio building event I attended at Sydney Jones Library at Liverpool University on 22/7/11. I’m not going to report on the event, rather reflecting upon what I got out of it. The event itself while not restricted to LIHNN members was ran and presented by LIHNN people – the very excellent Emily, Tracy & Gil (who is also my mentor). It was a very informal and practical session that focused on three main aspects of portfolio building : 1) reflection, reflect writing & becoming a reflective practitioner; 2) The purpose of Chartership/what do CILIP want (which included some very useful and practical tips); and finally 3) what is meant by evidence.

I found this course especially useful as because I got the chance to bounce ideas of people who, like me are just starting out, and also people who have been treading water on their Chartership – have never got over that final hurdle. There was a lot of practical advice given out – not just from the session leaders but also the participants – for example Kieran gave me a useful tip on online portfolio building which I am going to look at later this week. I spoke to Tracy about the use of PBworks (I am a pbworks whore) and MAP toolkit as further good resources to use for the selection and presentation of evidence. I realise that I am less advanced in my reflective practice than I originally thought I was – this had been an nagging doubt after my initial meetings with my mentor. I now am more aware than before of what is expected of me and how flexible it is in the evidence selection. It also gave me the opportunity to speak up in front of the group – which is a weakness of mine. Whilst not in a formal or large setting, I hope every opportunity I get to do this improves my public speaking confidence. I am also aware my current way of working will not work in the long term. I need to get organised & get SMART!

If this course runs near you, and you are in the process of/thinking about chartering I would definitely recommend attending!



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