Library Day in the Life 7 – Day 1 #libday7

So day 1 of #libday7 if you have seen my to-do list I have a busy schedule! Whilst this is not overly long – having been 100+ in the past – the length is somewhat due to the meeting heavy week last week, even meeting outcomes are tasks I couldn’t get round to. This week is meeting-free (almost), so I felt I would try something new and allocated time to certain ‘to-do’s allowing a sensible amount of time for these and hopefully I could plough through a lot of the tasks1 This is not a system that will work long-term, as it denies the ad-hoc nature of NHS-Librarianing, and the constant interruptions but I thought it would be a good way to give a glimpse of the job I do in a week. You can also follow me ‘live’ on Twitter – @library_michael

Scheduled Day

  • 8-10am – Blog Population
  • 10-12.30pm – Information Consultancy
  • 12.30-1.30pm – Lunch
  • 1.30-3pm – Health Promotion Work
  • 3pm-4pm – Webmaster Work
  • 4pm-6pm – LQAF Work

Actual Day


I started work about 8am, and prior to actually starting the blog work, I felt it important to let my staff know the plan, which was basically hiding in my office. This is the email I sent:


I would recommend checking out my calendar –i am trying a new approach. I have populated it with tasks I need to get done for the full week. Even if I get all these done its still less than a 1/3rd of what i need to do – not including whatever new tasks occur/interruptions.

I need to get a lot of work done – and I can’t be getting interrupted unless necessary. I would say 80-90% of day to day stuff I don’t need to be involved in (consumer health, stock enquiries etc.).

Obviously I am here if needed and will cover the desk for lunches/comfort breaks etc.

I think this gave everyone the message! I think sometimes the other members of staff possibly rely on me, not in a lazy way, but more afraid of making a mistake, me dominating the ‘library enquiries’ or of me interrupting them (which I do). Not everything needs to go through me – there is library-life beyond me. So this is going to be good for all – they will be able to actually do the job, and I will not only be able to do mine, but also to learn to let them get on with it.


Monday is always the busiest day for the blog as I have 2/3 days of catch-up followed by the actual publication (its live but I add a header & then email to specific staff groups) of the blog. The blog is populated by me personally ‘tidying’ up stories from the library RSS feed This is coupled with the fact that it is Monday morning so email traffic is always up. I dealt with issues involving social prescribing training I am giving, a re-arrangement of the team beyond the library meeting (once a month now) among others. But by 10am, the blog is ready for dissemination! As soon as finished this however – the first ‘interruption’ of the day – involving our LMS – Heritage. Enough said. It got rectified, a worse set up than before – but then it has never been great.

Information Consultancy

Started a little bit late on this one due to Heritage, but it was a pretty straightforward information consultancy (complex not complicated as I like to say). It was based upon ‘Art Therapy’, dementia sufferers and improving quality of life. It can be viewed by clicking here. I will, eventually do a step by step guide in how I produce these, so watch this space! I finished this in a little earlier than anticipated, so I managed to sort a few more emails , more ad-hoc requests.


This is my only real lunch break of the week (I normally eat my lunch at my desk), so I made the most of it. Lunch with my buddy Anita at Rice ‘n’ Three? Awesome!

Health Promotion Work

This is a facet of the library that once was the main but now we have evolved into more a evidence provision role, whilst still providing the health promotion aspect. It involves the distribution of materials both physically and electronically. Today this involved signposting ‘Healthy Happy Toddler Club’ (a food & health project aimed at parents of…toddlers and promoting healthy eating). It’s really worthwhile and is something we have been involved in promoting in the past. This entailed creating the message and emailing to the relevant groups, ensuring that the resources are sent tot eh appropriate groups, liaising with the ‘comms’ team to promote through the global staff bulletins and aligning it with the social prescribing project (something I also work with). I also covered the issue desk whilst my library assistant had lunch – but a couple of leaflet orders aside, nothing much happened.


I am the webmaster for the Public Health team. Today, this involved amending a few pages and really trying to iron out some problems. Trying and failing really! I also did a little bit of Athens administration work as well.


For those who do not know LQAF is the ‘Library Quality Assurance Framework’ and is in its second year proper. The library had never gone through an accreditation process, so a lot of work has been required and is still required. Today’s work involved producing evidence to show how we use ‘IT’ in the library – both in hardware and Web 2 applications. I believe it is something we do well. Hopefully the evidence shows that! I did not finish it, but I just need a document from our own IT department. I had time to double check other evidence – and unfortunately found a couple more things to add to the to-do list!

Overall I think it worked well today – though I believe I got lucky with interruptions and new, urgent tasks. My library assistant did well, as he does when I am not about, and I did the work I wanted to, or as much as I could at least.

That’s it for Day 1 – let me know what you think!




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