#CPD23 – Thing 7

I’m falling a bit behind, so I thought I would just do a quick Thing 7. The four points looked at in the original post:

  1. Provide opportunities for networking.
  2. Provide opportunities for training and development
  3. Provide structured professional development and qualifications
  4. Have formal publications

Despite being a member of CILIP I would say the most active network I am part of is LIHNN, which stands for Library and Information Health Network North West and whose website you can view by clicking here. Along with their kind-of off-shoot/partner/big brother HCLU (Health Care Libraries Unit – North West) they provide more than anything training opportunities, networking events among much, much more. Without it, I don’t know how much CPD or professional knowledge sharing I would partake in – but in previous posts and no doubt future ones I have waxed lyrical about them. They rock. I get 1, 2 & 3 from LIHNN most of the time.

CILIP – I have been a member of CILIP for over 4 years and apart from people telling how I need to be a member of them, and them trying to sell me expensive 1 day training sessions, I don’t really ‘get’ their purpose apart from you need their qualifications. But it’s probably me. Quite hypocritically I am currently in the process of chartering. A plus is I get Health Information and Libraries Journal at a good rate, which is a good health libraries journal. Such a wide spectrum to choose from! That’s no. 4

Quickly going back to networking I got the opportunity to be part of the ‘#cpd23 Manchester’ social meet-up. I found it to be a really rewarding experience as I am not the best around new people (or people I know) and it was very relaxed and informal. There were people there from both years on the course who I never really got to communicate with as well as some completely new faces. If another one occurs I shall definitely be attending! I am sure it has been covered more eloquently by other attendees already so just a big thank you to Sarah for organising it!



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