Library Day in the Life 7: Day 2 #libday7

Today was a little more interruption heavy than yesterday, but overall still a good day. I have no time to proof read this so please bare with spelling and grammar issues, I shall correct tomorrow. And if I mention anything that you want to know more about – please just get in touch. I’m happy to share!

Scheduled Day

  • Blog Work
  • Information Consultancy
  • Prince2 work
  • Health Promotion Brochure
  • LQAF Work

Actual Day

Day started with a bit of pre-work work, in trying o finish the document for the shadowing on Friday morning – being not doing. I got into work and it was straight onto blog work, but network issues and emailing answering slowed this down a bit. I got it done within allotted time.

Next up was the information consultancy – the finished document can be viewed by clicking here . This was important because it was the first for our Business Information Team, and the cam with the possibility of opening of a new work stream. Basically they want me to complement the intelligence and data driven work (which is far, far beyond my capability) they provide for commissioners & local GP cluster with secondary evidence and knowledge. I wonder do any other NHS Librarians do this? If so, give me a shout – we could possibly compare approaches? This would give the recipient a more rounded perspective on the issue – and this one was on hospital readmission (emergency) – nominally 7 days, but the threshold is 30 days. I had talked about providing the more traditional sources of evidence (think hierarchy people) alongside examples of best practice that could be directly err… used. Unfortunately whilst finding plenty of the former, I could not find anything concrete of the latter. It is a known issue, one that costs trusts, but no-one seemed to be that far ahead that they had a policy we could view. I spent 3 ½ hours on this – which meant I could not put any time towards my Prince2 work (a self funded e-course available regionally to NHS staff). Instead I had my lunch at my desk and went through the new emails.

 One of these emails affected the ‘health promotion brochure’ work. I had spoken to a member of staff about producing topic-specific guides that told them what resources, both physical and electronic they could access from us. However the senior member of the team was not happy with their web presence so we arranged a meeting for next Monday where we will try to combine the two. This left me with a bit of time about 2/3 of the allotted after the meeting was arranged. With this time, I decided to get some of the lesser tasks finished, including: finishing yesterdays IT document; a little bit of other health promotion work; a little bit of social prescribing work; sorting a IP issue out and sending the final reminder out for a survey. This survey is on the information consultancy survey and like most services we provide I try to assess it on an annual basis. However unlike other services I can target those who have used it, and oddly tend to get a better response (often because you can say “remember all that time I saved you…” in a nice way J). But I got 6 items of the to do list with only 1 added. Good use of time.

The final scheduled task was the strategy implementation plan, which is a little overdue! I was worried about the size of this document – so sent my proof-reader/line manager a friendly warning! But I realised it doesn’t have to be a day-by-day prediction for the financial year, just laying out how we will reach the aims. Hopefully the relative lack of size of this will allay his ‘Michael waffle’ fears!

 Again I finished early which allowed to focus on another ‘bonus’ task, the creation of a new current awareness topic/feed. This was on bowel/bladder health and whilst set up is not quite ready due to a couple of technical issues – mainly Google Reader folder organisation issues. I just ran out of time as I had to meet Laura off the bus, and had overran anyway. Do you think she was impressed that I was late to meet her because I was creating an RSS feed on urinary incontinence??

Overall another good day, though not 100% to plan – but as I said yesterday, this is to be expected. My library assistant again was very good – furthering the growing suspicion that I am a hindrance to him working rather than a help. It is a point worth reflecting upon.


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