Library Day in the Life 7 Day 3 #libday7

Right Day 3, not as good as the previous 2 days. I’ll be honest I was quite tired (stupid old man body) and this probably affected how I worked and how frustrated I felt. I’m not even going to bother the doing the projected day.

The day started at 8.07 and was straight onto finishing the bladder and bowel health current awareness feed – that can be viewed by clicking here . Next up I populated the blog. It was at this time I realised I had forgotten (now lost) bank card. During this time, there was a bit of dealing with the Pharmacy Campaign – which is a health promotion campaign distributed bi-monthly through the pharmacies throughout Bolton. I logistically lead this, and today was the delivery day. Little bit of an interruption but always nice to see the health trainers who do the physical deliveries.

Next up was another information consultancy – as part of a health needs analysis looking at the health needs of new and emerging communities within Bolton. I am the steering group. We are focusing upon a specific area of Bolton which has 3 emerging communities – East African, East European and traveller. Today was setting the groundwork and producing the evidence summary for the East African community. While I managed to set the groundwork for the overall literature search section – a lack of clarity combined with network issues, meant it was a very drawn out and ultimately unsuccessful time. Thankfully these are not due till mid-August.

 The plan for lunch-work was to do some Chartership work, but I forgot my notes L . I attempted to find/produce an organisational chart, but again this was unsuccessful. By this time I realised today was not a goer at all.

The final job for the day (I decided to finish early) was to produce an e-journal document, focus on what we offer. This cover 2 items on the to-do-list, one producing something for another PCT Library, and another as an outcome for the Transforming Community Services meeting last week for the acute library. As is always the case, I got embroiled in e-journal issues, but by 2pm I had finished. I went home, realised I had lost my card, so went to Harry’s with a hand full of pound coins and purchased 8 cans of lager.

 As you can imagine, this was not a good day. I got some stuff done, but no-where near enough. Tomorrow will be better, I promise





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