Library Day in the Life 7 Day 4 #libday7

Another day…

This day in all honesty, was not really about me, it was about the Public Library future. 5 to shut , 13 fte to go, not good.

Projected Day

  • Blog Work
  • Information Consultancy
  • Chartership
  • GP Webpage
  • LQAF work

Anyway… onto me! Pre-work I finished the shadowing document (‘What I do’) for the person shadowing me tomorrow morning. I’ve not really done anything like this before. Day started 7;56 and as the last have – blog population and sorting emails – I was finished pretty early as the RSS feed was mainly full of the weeks earlier stories as reported in the newspapers (Guardian, Telegraph, Independent and Daily Mail). This allowed to start the information consultancy a little bit earlier – today’s ‘topic group exercise and its validity as a treatment (physio’). After a slow start, I got my head round it, and that can be viewed by clicking here . This took all the allotted time, but this was due to the public library based interruptions and a couple of phone calls/enquiries. One was about e-journals and the link resolver – I found it quite nice in my ego-centred way (more on that later!) that my advice was asked. This may have also been because I discussed here and on twitter yesterday. A quick aside –I do find Twitter useful as a problem solving resource – yesterday I helped someone out and was also helped out someone (again baa-lated thanks Alan J) . I have the suspicion that more than a few on Twitter actually talk more than they do (I consider myself a practical or ‘doing’ librarian) but there are some absolute gems out there.

Onto the afternoon – got round to doing a bit of Chartership work whilst having my lunch, this ended with me producing a snazzy ‘smart-art’ (oxymoronic title) diagram about Chartership evidence. I also finally got round to sorting the library webpage on the GP education site. Connecting with the GP & clinical commissioning group is a key priority for me. I’ve been thinking of a sort of portfolio of evidence provision. Just a thought at this time though. This took less time than expected, so I managed to draft the days we have a work experience person in – the 2nd 2 Fridays in August. It hit me that I do not know at what level she is at – do secondary school pupils have to do their work experience in holiday-time? A masters student? More a foot in the public health door? Who knows? I should ask, but I probably won’t! During this, my line manager sent an email round asking for everyone’s completed appraisal forms as only I had done it so far. The email including the line ‘I shouldn’t be telling Michael this as his head is big enough already’. What could he possibly mean? It’s not like I tried to sneak ‘He is the best one’ under agreed strengths or anything… Though he liked the implementation plan (not the grammar it contained however…)

The day finished with me developing a feedback system for the library. Although I assess the core services regularly, we’ve never had an ongoing system. We currently have about 40% of one.

I spoke to my library assistant today and praised him for what he had showed me this week. I’m quick enough to criticise him, so it was only right I did this. This week has opened my eyes a little, I may be a little overbearing on him, meaning he uses me as a metaphorical crutch when we work together. It occurred to me I was doing what my previous manager did to me, and thankfully he is a nicer person than me, as otherwise it could have led to similar frustrations and resentment. He has showed me, and himself I believe that he doesn’t need to rely on me for most enquiries, just the 10-20% I emailed the staff about on Monday.

Well tomorrow – last day – another staffing issue, the shadowing and an AGM I have tried to avoid going to all week…



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