Library Day in the Life – Epilogue #libday7

To-Do-List 01/08/2011

Weekly Tasks

  1. Current Awareness Blog
  2. Weekly Library Staff Update email & to do document
  3. PRINCE2


  1. Business Cards – investigate
  2. Chartership – CV FINISH
  3. Chartership – Job Description FOUND
  4. Chartership – Look at wider professional issues FINISH
  5. Chartership – Organisational Structure
  6. Chartership – Personal & Professional Development Plan FINISH
  7. Chartership – What I do>What Library does>what PCT does>what NHS does FINISH
  8. Email re: Proposal Changes

Library Management

  1. Case Study Development
  2. E-Journals Document for LC
  3. Library Service leaflet FINISH
  4. Work Experience Girl Plan
  5. Email JM – Library/GP
  6. SCWI
  7. CWI
  8. New Operational Policy
  9. CILIP Document Feedback

Information Consultancy

  1. Edit Information guides to reflect new NHS Evidence
  2. GP articles – VERY TAILORED
  3. Info Consultancy – SL HNA Work x 3
  4. Literature Searching Survey SEND Reminder
  5. Quality Group: MAP?
  6. Quality Group: Survey Implementation Guide
  7. Primary Care Books & LibraryThing:

Health Promotion

  1. Investigate Speakers re: 3rd Sectors Role in Commissioning of ‘non-clinical’ services
  2. Promotion of mental health awareness week
  3. Find the digested art project I discussed (searching by colour etc.)


  1. MB interview


  1. Information Governance mandatory training
  2. Sorting Athens figures out
  3. Library ‘App’- KL advice
  4. www.pubget.comInvestigate
  5. Implement MAP Documentation?


  1. LQAF: Lib EBP eg (1.2e)
  2. LQAF: Upload A-Z wiki (1.3a)
  3. LQAF: Feedback System (1.3c)
  4. LQAF: NL positive impact of library? (1.3c)
  5. LQAF: Cost service (2.1d)
  6. LQAF: Need to develop a reporting process for reporting issues (4.2a)
  7. LQAF: e-Induction (5.1b)
  8. LQAF: Develop system to enable new users to link to induction & Athens creation (5.1b)
  9. LQAF: Critical appraisal sessions (5.2c)
  10. LQAF: signposting system for e-resources(5.3b)
  11. LQAF: Upload lit search survey (with changes made to system) (5.3e)
  12. LQAF: eService Spec for enquiry service (5.3f)
  13. LQAF: Write up current awareness promotion (5.3g)
  14. LQAF: Develop Current awareness feedback system (5.3g)
  15. LQAF : Patient Care case study? (5.3h)
  16. LQAF: Develop service analysis/review system (5.3j)


  • WorkHub meeting Mondays 3pm
  • Hub population – 1 hour a day
  • Design protocol documents
  • Pro-forma for Data Requests
  • JSNA Literature Searches – Need to be confirmed email DH
  • LQAF: Develop KM document with DH (5.3k)
  • LQAF: Upload main Hub documents (5.3k)
  • Health Trainer Team Leader Training
  • Quality Group: Survey Lead?
  • Plan Involvement with the development of Arts on Prescription course development project
  • LQAF 2011 – upload documents to WIKI



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