Library Day in the Life 7 – Day 5 #libday7

Projected Day

  • Blog Work
  • Shadowing
  • AGM
  • LQAF Work

Actual Day

It was actually quite a good day, albeit one less task-focused than previous days. 8.04 start to the day, that started as the previous four doing blog work, but also looking at emails. There was also a staffing issue with my Saturday Assistant (who was covering today) to resolve. Unfortunately doing these 3 tasks meant I didn’t finish the blog until after the shadowing had finished. Despite having no library experience, she is an integral part of the team and has been since she started last November. She is also cataloguing machine, and her eyes lit up more than mine when 2 boxes of new books arrived mid morning!

The shadowing session was the main focus of the day. A librarian from the public library wanted a shadowing session as they were interested in how the health librarian role differed from theirs. I’m pretty sure this had nothing to do with the ‘de-professionalization’ of their service that is currently happening… As a preamble I produced a document that I will post as a separate blog at some point including the highlights of the shadowing session, that basically was a brief ‘what I do’ document that broke down my role in a very simple way in 3 sections: library management; clinical librarian and public health worker. It was quite a sporadic session trying to cover all aspects of what I do and how it differs from the public librarian/public library manager role. I feel they were quite surprised about how much I actually do, and how unrestricted I am and how much freedom to try new things I have in my role in comparison. We are going to try and meet up again soon, to focus on the particular areas where we differ – information retrieval, both from a skill development aspect and also the ‘information consultancy’ aspect.

A quite comical aspect that once the shadowing session had finished, we left the office and I had four different people waiting to see me…On this, my daughter’s wedding day J Not going to help my ego.

I decided once the shadowing session had finished that I had too much to do, and the AGM, whilst interesting was not a necessity. It was looking at the health economy in Bolton moving forward and I have been kept quite aware of that. No need to depress myself further on a Friday afternoon. I instead focused on trying to finish up the jobs from earlier in the week, such as the feedback forms for the library services we provide – had changed them from surveys (only in name) as feedback forms seem less harsh than service survey. I also tidied both desktop and desk and began mapping out the next week. It is quite hard to keep up the pace I’ve set for most of the week, so I treated the library assistant and I to cake and tea at 3 before back to the grindstone.

Overall a good day and end to a good week.

To bookend this library week in the life I will produce the new to-do-list hopefully showing how it changes from week to week. I will probably also do a reflection of the week as an overall package at some point.


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