CPD23 Thing 8 – Google Calendar

Right… Thing 8. Google Calendar. Only a quick post tonight.

I can understand the benefits of Google calendar. Its accessible virtually anywhere, can be shared with virtually everywhere. What’s not to like? However, in a professional sense, at this time, to use it on a regular basis, it would be nothing more than (another) episode of procrastination. Working for the public sector, I have Outlook, and the calendar. Most of my colleagues and peers also have this. Events can be created, shared and people can be invited to them at the click of a button. I can attach documents etc. But then, thanks to their dominance I don’t really need to extol the virtues of outlook do I? I know its not perfect, but it fits the purpose. If it required organisation for something such as a meeting, I would probably go for a tool such as Doodle, which just seems a bit simpler for ad-hoc use. A plus side not yet mentioned is the flexibility of Google calendar, something you do not get with a work-based outlook calendar. This is somewhere I could see future use for –embedding into a website for example. If I didn’t have outlook professionally, I would definitely use it but for now… I’ll stick with outlook thank you very much.



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