Thing 11 – Mentoring #CPD23

I have a Chartership mentor (Gil), though I would say I do not have a specific ‘career’ mentor. I do have a lot of more experienced people that I can call upon on any different aspect of ‘library’. As I have mentored in previous posts, I believe I am part of a very strong professional network within our region. The nearest thing I have had to a ‘mentor’ would have been my first library manager, who despite leaving the library-world is still within the organisation, and I can still ask questions and bounce ideas off – but neither of us would say there is a mentor relationship between us, more a friendly ex-employee/employer relationship.

There are senior people who take an active interest in my career and my development, both within the NHS environment and the local public library, but I would not say they are a mentor. I’m not sure why I do not have one. Arrogance on my part? Possibly. Not finding the right person/no-one coming forward? Possibly, Not trusting anyone enough? Possibly. More than likely, it is a combination of all three. I think because I have a strong network surrounding me, where we are kept abreast of changes and developments, it is not as necessary as it would be for others.

I would be more than happy to mentor somebody else – considering my route to where I am now, and the unique perspective I could offer, I believe I would be quite a good mentor. I offer advice whenever peers and will continue to ‘pay it forward’.


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