Thing 9 Evernote #CPD23


 Evernote is brilliant. I have it on my home laptop, i have it on my phone, if i could i would have it on my work computer.

I am a compulsive note taker, i am forever looking for, using, losing & re-finding post-it notes. Evernote is brilliant. It’s a portable and permanent post-it note pad, that i can’t lose or note read my writing a day later on. And it does so much more!

However there is a problem, beyond not having it on my work desktop. It’s that i just don’t use it. Post it notes use is an instant thing – something that i automatically do. I just do not think to use Evernote. I should. I am going to try and use it – starting at home, starting with Chartership. But for professional use – Evernote is no go at this moment.


2 thoughts on “Thing 9 Evernote #CPD23

  1. I’m a compulsive note-taker as well, and it’s hard to break myself of the habit. But I’m tired of all the scraps of little paper and the entire forests I’ve probably destroyed with my usual ways. I just forced myself to use Evernote all the time for several days and now that has become my habit, at work at least. Home is a little tougher, but I’m not sure why. It’s a great tool though!

  2. Mmm, this rings a bell! I’ve got Evernote everywhere like you, laptop, phone, etc, etc. But still the notes for work happen either by flagging an email in Outlook or scribbling in the ever heavier notepad – ARGH!

    It’s a brilliant piece of kit/software, etc, but I have to remember to log into the web version at work and then I find it hasn’t sync-ed properly and a note I’ve added on via my phone or my home laptop isn’t there. How frustrating it is to have these fantastic resources which we can’t use at work?

    I’ve commented so many times about the lack of being able to do things on PCs at work, but that’s life and different sectors are so different.

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