Today, for the first time I tried out Google Docs and I have to say I was very impressed with it. It is such a simple yet brilliant idea.

I always judge a potential new resource or gadget with the question ‘would this have been helpful in previous work’ as my work is quite varied – and Google Docs is a definite yes, it would have been really useful. It is a basic set-up, much like Wiki’s that can be used by most people and the basics taught quickly to the others.

Its real benefit, I see upon this brief inspection is the potential for collaborative work – which I used it for. I am currently trying to develop a FAQ for a quality survey a regional group I am part of has developed. So instead of drafting a document & sending out copies to rest of the team, individuals modifying etc. & sending back, requiring collation and even dealing with the bloody ‘Microsoft Word Review’ function, I shared a ‘live document’ which people can amend & comment on if they see fit. It removes a lot of hassle, and especially gratifying it gives the finger to the hateful review function on Microsoft Word, possibly in my case the flying ‘double deuce’.

I have concerns, primarily about security, but for now, I’m impressed, and I’m not easily impressed