Chartership Meeting 2: 4th November 2011


This meeting has been some time in the making ( last one was July) as I had to cancel the original date in mid-September due to an overwhelming work load (when have I never got that!) and then at the start of October deciding what I had done previously regarding the CPPD, was, in fact a load of old shite, I had tried to combine to document I had produced elsewhere (a SWOT analysis for Uni & work appraisal form) , which wasn’t working and really summed up my approach to the entire Chartership process at that time. I decided that I need to start afresh and based upon the Portfolio building book by CILIP I did.

This has not suddenly allowed me to be breeze through it – I still have ongoing issues with selling myself – within the meeting we looked at both the positives and areas of improvement of what I had done so far. I need to separate ‘Michael the person’ from ‘Michael the professional’ and market myself better. Directly looking at the CPPD, my reflection needs improvement, which is an ongoing process and I need to be able to draw a line between my development needs and the development needs of the library, as both intertwine quite easily. There are also small issues with the CV and the organisational aims = Michael document, but all in all a positive meeting. I can now make the last changes to CPPD & send it off to CILIP. I am also beginning to properly collate evidence. It’s a pity I didn’t do this 3 years ago, as I would of have bucket loads by now. Overall – a positive meeting that left me enthused about the whole process, and in my ability to succeed, but also where work is needed.


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