LIHNN Quality Group – 4th November 2011: It’s good to be (maybe) King

Again like previous ‘Chartership’ posts, it will not recount the meeting step by step – rather examining my role within the meeting and reflecting upon its outcomes. The minutes should be available soon.

This was a really useful meeting personally and not just with regards to the big news (to me anyway!) later on. The Quality Group is always a group I enjoy being part of as it feels constantly moving forward with actions and events. There are no ongoing issues, projects whose heels are dragging or clashes of personality that greatly upset the aims of the group. In short – it gets stuff done. This meeting was no exception all 10 agenda items were moved forward (well 1 was postponed due to timing issues, but other 9 progressed). This is a group where I feel I am making a difference, not only with the Quality Survey launch that I am leading on, but to all aspects.

This is why, when the Chair of the group became available (sadly – the current Chair Hannah is moving onto pastures new, who I believe a major factor in the groups dynamism) I put my name forward. It isn’t just because it’s good for the CV or helps with the Chartership (which it does for both), it’s the fact that I feel I can make a difference doing. It is not confirmed yet, as the members who were not in attendance may also be interested – but either way I feel it shows my confidence within that setting to put myself forward and the extra work involved. As someone is who is knowingly quite quiet and insular – even the offer is a positive step for me. I am however not confident enough to present at the upcoming LIHNN Study Day however, partially due to nerves, but also partially due to my vow to never attend another Study day after that stupid Beatles themed one about 4 years ago.

My actions from this are related to the potential Chair, but also the Quality Survey, including the production of an in-house article and the drafting of possible piece for a couple of library journals. Aces!


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