1. I did not miss work at all – which was a (nice) surprise
  2. I miss my beard though
  3. Your wedding photos is not the time to realise you’re one of life’s ‘face-pullers’
  4. If you are getting married on the cheap, it’s probably a good idea to get a family member some photography lessons for Christmas.
  5. I’m a very lucky man. Physically, mentally and emotionally I am punching far above my weight.
  6. I want to move to the Lakes.
  7. Bolton has some nice bits on the outside. You just need to walk to get there.
  8. I’ve had a good life so far – on the train to Windermere, we went through Kendal & I remarked: “one of my worst childhood memories is of a rubbish day trip to Kendal. It just rained.”
  9. I don’t have fat person arms or legs, so I look double-chinned and heavily pregnant. The £70 a month I spend at the gym will be put to use, I’ve never been so fat. Damn you good living.
  10. Skyrim is addictive. Any downtime was spent playing this. I’m over 60 hours in and have mainly done side missions
  11. Although I ‘lurked’ a little bit, for the most part I have avoided Twitter and Facebook. I could live without them, espeically FB. That’s good to know.