#CPD23 – Catch up and Reflection Thing 23 – Bring on #CDP23 2012!

Well, I fell behind! Though in mitigation, I did for the most part cover the ones I wanted too, and am a very, very busy boy. I thought it best to briefly touch upon the ones that I missed out (& explain why in some cases) before reflecting upon the whole CPD experience. I may not get a certificate, but damn it – I will finish.

Thing 16 – Advocacy & getting published – Despite it being a New Year’s resolution, I didn’t get published. There are plans afoot to get published in 2012 however… though not library advocacy based. As for advocacy, it is a difficult topic. While Voices for Libraries are doing a noble thing, I believe CILIP should be leading this, and the active advocacy of all library fields. Though this may be my biased opinion as I’m not overally convinced about CILIP. At a regional and local level I do my best to promote libraries. I sit on a few and chair one local group that look at improve library and library staff skills to offer the best service possible to users. It is my personal goal that everyone who uses my library leaves with a better opinion of how library’s can benefit them, than they did before they used it. On the whole, I feel we achieve this – I know many of the students from Salford, UCLAN & MMU prefer to use us as their first choice as do many community based NHS staff. Changing perceptions one user at a time!

Thing 17 – Presi, Slideshare etc. – I have used Slideshare before, though only basically. My NHS Evidence in 2 minutes was used and adapted by some fellow health librarians. I have, as yet, no had properly examined Prezi – but it is on the to-do-list! Many of my presentations are on information skills, so are usually live demonstrations, but with the development of my new role, this will change no doubt, and thusly give me opportunities to work with Prezi.

Thing 18 – Podcasts etc. This is something I have considered in the past, but my big question is – would anybody listen to them? If not, there is not much point doing them I feel. So, while a good idea in principle, at this time not worthwhile. Jing, just by examining it from afar looks like a brilliant concept. This is another resource, that when I get the time I will investigate more thoroughly.

Thing 19 –Using Thing’s within the workplace – I ignored this ‘Thing’ as I believe that throughout my journey, I, where possible used practical examples of where I could or when I had used the resources, tools or concepts.

Thing 20 – Careers – The Library Route was Thing 10. As for Library Day in the Life, I have been an active participant for the past 3 rounds, and I will be again in the future. I feel it is a good event to show people what I do and to promote the health-library field which is often overlooked in favour of academic and public libraries, despite being I feel just as varied and making a genuine difference. Anyway check out the library day in the life wiki or click here to view my entries from the past couple of years. It even got me a mention in The Guardian (website)!

Thing 21 – Promoting Yourself in job applications and at interview – This one, at this current time, didn’t seem worthwhile. I’ve recently done 2 x CV workshops, a CV for my Masters & a CV for my Chartership. I know that an interview much like other aspects of ‘presentation’ is an area that requires work. As I look to develop and progress as a Librararian as I’m aware (and have met/worked/studied with) library folk both new & established professionals, who despite in my opinion not really being near me on ability, drive or accomplishments, are outwardly more confident and present themselves in such a way that I do not, which may harm my chances. This was not helped by an awful training day recently hosted by my employers. Without wishing to rant, I feel the best way to improve someone’s confidence in an interview situation is not to force them into an artificial interview situation with no real preparation in front of a room full of my peers (some of them very senior) and then be patronised by 2 chancer consultants. There was a lot of useful tips on this ‘Thing’, so it is this aspect I will use the most.


On the whole, I have really enjoyed the #CPD23 experience. Many of the practical Things such as Google Doc’s and Evernote I now use within my daily working life. Others I have been at least made aware of them , or have seen them in a more positive light. The more conceptual Things were a little bit harder for me in some cases, as I have tried to be positive, but they brought out the pessimist/Hulk-Michael in me! I think Things 15 and 22 or even Thing 21 above were examples of that! It also made me (alongside chartering) helped me reconsider some aspects – such as how I reflect or my approach to mentoring. Keeping with that example, from early January I am starting some CPD that will allow me to become a better mentor, something I would not have considered if not for #CPD23. Some of the Things were not really relevant or useful to me, but I imagine for most participants this was the case on different ones and also with it being the 1st year of running, there is always a case of trial and error to it. That in most cases, is better than design by participants, which often feels watered down or fragmented. I feel that I should of put aside more time to focus on these, as reflecting on some entries, they seem rushed in comparison to some earlier ones. Due to my workload, #CPD23 was a post work activity which is not ideal and is why it was not always treated with the respect it should have been. Finally, I would say the biggest plus of #CPD23 was not the concepts or insight into new resources I have gained, but rather a sense of personal development with other folk – be it due to the #CPD23 Manchester meet-up as organised by Sarah or via blog posts or Twitter. A more communal sense of being if you will.

Bring on #CDP23 2012!


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