Dissertation – Week 1: Getting back on this particular horse/Don’t call this a comeback

I am currently in the ‘3rd‘ year of the part time MA in Library and Information Management at Manchester Metropolitan University. This year is purely about the dissertation. My dissertation is about the ‘roles of information professionals within public sector knowledge management’. I handed in my research proposal on 2nd May 2011, and this was in fact the last time I have done any real work on it. It is now January 2012 and 7 months have passed. In those 7 months, I’ve not been idle; I’ve had vast amounts of work to do including the LQAF, the continued development of the JSNA website, beginning the Chartership process, not to mention the daily stresses and strains of managing a library service. Oh and getting married. Oh and Skyrim.

However – none of these things particularly prevent me from putting metaphorical pen to paper. I have done some reading, but this has been haphazard and mainly about dissertations in general rather than my specific needs/areas of interest. The proposal itself was well received (72%), but since then I feel I’ve been stuck in the same mindset I was for the 2 taught years of the course – where intellectually I didn’t need to push myself to get a decent score – usually in the mid-60’s – so my approach was not as focused as it is in my professional role. If I continue with this, the work will not be of the required standard. Changes need to be made. Maybe a public forum will shame me into working harder! This isn’t something I can hold off any longer – otherwise I am A) only punishing myself B) Will end up working on a full-timers schedule which with my work schedule is not realistic. So I am going to set myself some weekly goals to get this moving.

5 things for Week 1
  1. Meet with Line Manager to discuss study leave possibilities
  2. Arrange a meeting with Dissertation Tutor for mid-January
  3. Re-read proposal and highlight any newly discovered weaknesses
  4. Re-do aims as they seem disjointed form both scope and objectives
  5. Prepare and undertake search for ‘Knowledge Management’ and ‘Public Sector/Local Government’ as this was highlighted as an area of weakness in my literature review

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