Why I love GTA III…

The screen fades to black, the intro music kicks up and the yellow writing appears. My world gets smaller and for that moment I’m truly home…

There’s a saying about golf that goes along the lines of once you have played your first round, every round after that is about trying to achieve the impossible – the perfect game.

Well GTA III was like that for me. I had played computer games before, but never, ever anything like this.It just blew me away. It was so unique (to me), so exciting, so grown up. Some games have come close, but nothing has scratched that itch…

Sure, its aged. Sure it’s not the prettiest game. It’s not even the ‘best’ GTA game – Vice City and San Andreas are superior. But its something special. I still know the characters, the missions and the radio stations. Oh! The radio stations!!


2 thoughts on “Why I love GTA III…

  1. I am so with you Michael, the second I hear those songs on the radio or in store somewhere I twitch because Toni isn’t doing the intro to them. Not to mention Lazlo’s talk show… I never finished GTAIII when I had it on my PC, but now it’s on my phone I’ve started playing it over my work lunch hour (when I get any kind of lunch “hour” that is) so maybe this time…

    And is that Joey Pants playing Louie?

  2. I believe it is. Its taking time to get used to the new controls, but its still brilliant! I remember the last mission being the hardest ‘GTA’ mission and I still stand by that! My playing time is either on trains or when I can’t get near the PS3 TV – i.e. whenever Corrie or Strictly/Ice Skating is on!!

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