So, a whole week into dissertation work. It’s actually been fun to get back into in an odd way. I have 2 fellow library students on placement and this past week had been their induction week, so work was quite different and I feel this gave me opportunity, intellectually at least, to focus upon the dissertation. This first week and the tasks I set myself were really a gentle re-introduction into what is required of me. I hadn’t realised however just how much work was required, and that the 7 months of inactivity (in terms of dissertation work) now feels like even more of a mistake. This is going to be without doubt the most academically challenging few months I have ever had. I need to be focused and prepared to work just as hard in my studies as I do in my professional role, which up until now has not been the case on the master’s course.

Of the tasks 4 out of 5 were completed in one form or another. Due to personal reasons, my line manager is not available for a couple of weeks, so I was unable to speak to him. I am supposed to have every other Wednesday off in lieu of working every other Saturday – I often don’t though. This will change and this will become a dedicated ‘study day’. My dissertation tutor is off sick, so I have been unable to arrange a meeting with her. I did manage to re-read the proposal, and whilst I have noticed a few areas that need strengthening or gaps that require filling, overall I am quite pleased with the quality. I have re-worded my aims and objectives, and whilst not overly happy with them, they flow better tha they did before. I am hopeful of guidance from my tutor here. I have undertaken a search and have discovered approx. a further 50 resources (articles, conference proceedings, books etc.) of which 30 I can access directly so I am work with those and then look at the remaining 20 if needs be.. My goal is to by week 4, be able to ‘sign off’ the proposal and begin to solely focus on the research.

5 things for Week 2

  1. Amend ‘Research Methods’ section of proposal
  2. Develop new timescale
  3. Draft new section of literature review: public sector/knowledge management
  4. Read Case Study Research book
  5. Update ethical considerations section