Chairing my First Meeting – Quality Group Meeting 12th January 2012

I thought I would share some thoughts about my first attempt at chairing a ‘proper’ group meeting. I’m not going to go through the meeting agenda item by agenda item as A) what’s the point in that? B) I can remember most of the outcomes/actions!!

I have blogged previously about how much I enjoy working as part of this group – a regional special interest working group under the LIHNN banner consisting of library staff from all over the North West. In the last meeting, the previous chair stepped down, so I offered my services. This was not just about another thing to add to the CV or for Chartership (although useful for both), but to help out regionally, even in a small way. I’ve gained a lot from LIHNN and its members – from support and advice to practical best practice which improves the service – and most importantly the quality of the user’s experience. It’s only fair I try to help out where I can. As for the Chartership – it will help me become a more productive member of the regional community.

So onto the actual experience… I was a little bit nervous in all honesty – despite everyone being in the group very friendly and no real politics or personal agendas to deal with – or any I am aware of any way! I feel overall it went OK; it is going to be something I will develop and grow into. I had no real style I wanted to implement (the throne shall have to wait), as the proactive, progressive style of the group is one of the reasons I enjoy working with it so much. It was, as ever very informal and relaxed – but it may have dragged on a little in places – I may have to get tighter with that and possible try to rein in some of the more dominant personalities. I am, by nature quite a laid back person so I may need to go against my personality in ensuring a smoother run. I am lucky to be taking over at such a time, as one major work stream is finishing (more on that in the next paragraph) and another one is just beginning.

The soon to be completed work stream is going to help me develop another one of my weaknesses; which is presenting – especially to my peers. I shall be confronting this ‘fear’ in the upcoming months J . But more on that another time.



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