Dissertation Week 3: wobbling, but not quite off the rails

This week was the first one that wasn’t anywhere near successful. I could blame a busy week personally or a busy, intense week professionally. But when is it not? Its not like HDAS hasn’t been in down at all is it in the previous 7 months? Or meetings that require immediate actions or new work streams opening up? These are just excuses – I’ve just not made the effort this week and consequentially I have not completed all of my self set-goals from last week. I need to be more focused – If I cannot complete what I need to do this week, I will need to consider other study arrangements. I have time off coming up at the end of this month and I want to have completed the research proposal by then and ready to commence with the actual research design. My 5 goals for this week are finishing off ones for weeks 1 & 2 that were unable to be completed due to either my own laziness or other people’s unavailability:

  1. Amend ‘Research Methods’ section of proposal
  2. Draft new section of literature review: public sector/knowledge management
  3. Read Case Study Research book (a chapter a night)
  4. Confirm meeting with dissertation tutor
  5. Study leave discussion with manager

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