Dissertation Week 4 – Study Leave (well annual leave used up studying)

(This should have been written Sunday/late Monday)

So week 4 was as confusing, frustrating and at times scary as the previous week. Thankfully I have got some days leave this week to break down, and hopefully fully get to grips with what I need to do. I think a major problem of mine is I am aware of what needs to be done before the actual research starts in terms of background reading, proposal amendments, preparation etc. but when looking at all those aspects am getting overwhelmed slightly and approaching nit haphazardly and unsystematically. This is a why of saying ‘I’ve still not done what I said I would in week 2 and week 3 I am meeting with my tutor on Thursday 26th January, so hopefully this will allay any fears and give me a framework (or confirm what I have planned out to do is achievable). I also spoke to my line manager who ahs been very supportive with my need for increased (i.e. some) study leave between now and completion

This week’s plan is:

  • Monday/Tuesday – Plan & Prepare (working in the day)
  • Wednesday – catch up on general KM principles (remembering)
  • Thursday – KM in Public Sector & Tutor meet-up
  • Friday- Role of Info Professional in KM provision
  • Saturday – Catch up/Hangover/Laura’s birthday tea
  • Sunday – Skyrim/Chartership
  • Monday – Research Methods & planning future (This may also be ‘go back to work a day early to ensure don’t fall behind’)

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