Library Day in the Life Round 8 – Share, Learn, Reflect

It is time again for Library Day in the Life. This is the eighth time it has happened and will be the fourth time I have participated

After reading this very excellent blog post from Living Out of The Stacks on the greatness and possibilities of Library Day in the Life I thought I should try to share the fun of #libday. There is no real need to expound on the shared post as it would either be A) not relevant or B) covering ground already covered! I would just like to echo the sentiments and recommend all library and information professionals to take part. It’s for everyone to take part in – from library assistants to students to heads of service. It’s not about who has the best job or the most exciting or even if you get to meet famous people (though, without wishing to name-drop, I was re-tweeted by Northern Uproar recently. It’s about sharing what you do with other link-minded individuals. It’s contributing to a community of practice and though I despise the phrase ‘echo-chamber’ it allows you to communicate with your peers who may be doing something similar and to compare approaches beyond your usual confines. Most importantly I feel, it is a form of reflection. Come back to your entries week in a month or 6 months and see how you have developed. What are you doing differently? Why have you changed your approach? What enabled that change either positively or negatively. This is not a ground-breaking thought, but reflection is fundamental to development both professionally and personally & Library Day in the Life offers a perfect opportunity.

Why Participate?

  • Share: Opportunity to share what you do with others
  • Learn: Opportunity to see what others do and gain insight
  • Reflect: Opportunity to view your daily practices and how you approach them from a different angle.

So click here and sign up. If you don’t I shall be very cross.

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