Library Day in the Life 8: Day 1

So day #libday8 day 1. In comparison to the upcoming days (I anticipate), Monday was a quiet one as I have been on leave so thusly studying as I have been for the past few days.

So basically today was about professional development. Whilst not as prominent in the working day as the ‘practice’ of the library profession, continuing professional development is a vital aspect of any library professional or para-professionals career. I am currently undertaking 2 ongoing pieces of library CPD – my Masters dissertation and my Chartership. This is in conjunction with what I would describe as ‘regular’ CPD which can be something official like a training day or something unofficial like picking up a tip on a new way to work whilst chatting to a colleague or even being sign posted to a useful resource on Twitter. My dissertation has taken precedence these past few weeks as it needed focus. I have covered it more in-depth here. Today was about research methods, which was at the very least confusing. I have recently changed the focus of the dissertation and thusly the research design needs to be reconsidered.

This afternoon, I actually undertook another aspect of professional development – which was applying for a new job. Whilst extremely happy (with more certainty and a bit more scope for development – both in service and individually – I would class it almost in the dream job category) with my current role and 100% ‘buy-in’ to most aspects of the project I would be foolish not to be aware of what new opportunities are out there to help me develop. This is especially so considering the changes that are currently underway in the NHS which means I do not know what my role will be in 2013 – if anything. Whilst my current job has been very good to me, I believe I have developed the service further than anyone thought possible, and, having played serious catch-up, have dragged it up to near where it should have always been if not further. However, the job I am applying for is not a step sideways or a move in desperation or frustration– more a new, exciting challenge which would allow me both to develop professionally and also face a new set of challenges. Anyway – having not even finished the application form, there is no real need to get over-excited just yet!!

Tomorrow shall be more library practice. Seriously – after 5 days studying, I am itching to get back.


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