Library Day in the Life 8: Day 2 #libday8

The 1st day back after any length of time away from is always an odd feeling, especially when most of your workload is only done by you. Not only do you have to plough through the backlog of emails and requests but you prioritise them as necessary. This often needs to be done quickly as when you develop close relationships with your users, they can plan events/projects/deadlines around you as they would any other member of staff. Today for the most part felt like a planning day. Planning is another vital aspect of any job where you have multiple pressures on your time. I find I achieve much less if I do not have a plan in place as I rush from one task to another, or try to get 3 tasks done at once, and in most cases fail to achieve anything. It can be something simple like a to-do-list or a time management programme such as pomodoro crate (which have never really ‘done it’ for me personally).

Planning aside today was less involving library skills (though I did a stint of #sololibrarian involving a lengthy consumer health query as well as generic desk cover) but more to do with the managerial aspects of my role including: a quick meeting with my line manager updating me with developments; emergency arrangements of housing of public health staff; confusion over some regional funding I had won and incorrect payment of bank staff. While it can be frustrating not to be more involved in the ‘library’ aspects of the role – ensuring the background and strategic aspects are in place is vital and often more challenging task. However it can be hard to discuss ‘manger’ things as often they are confidential or at least unwise to share!

Unlike previous years I shall not be sharing my day by day activities (aside from brief snapshots as above) but rather guide you towards my Twitter account where I will give a more blow by blow account of the day. Though if everything comes together I shall hopefully end this the #libday8 week with something special and reflective.

Tomorrow shall be more library-task orientated I hope.


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