Chartership Mentor Meet-up 2nd February 2012

I had my 3rd proper meeting with my mentor on Thursday 2nd February 2012. It was a meeting surrounding the gathering of evidence and issues I am having. It is not a question of struggling for evidence – far from it. My problem has been actually deciding what evidence is worth consideration and what is not. I had been relying heaving on the ‘Building Your Portfolio’ guide, but in a similar way to CILIP as a whole, there are some really useful tips, but it is hidden in the midst of a lot of things being said that don’t really mean much. So being able to speak to Gil my mentor about my issues and perceived failings was very helpful. I’m not the first to have this problem, and won’t be the last. It is a question of finding a way to fully express and breakdown evidence in a way I am happy with. This is only a question I can answer. It is also something that requires time, something I have honestly not given it, what with work, dissertation and PS3 to focus upon as well. Gil said something that made a lot of sense – it is not a straightforward procedure – it is not as structured as a writing a strategy or policy or even producing an evidence summary. And I think this is why I have struggled to fully grasped it. I like and understand things if they are un-convoluted and straight (not necessarily simple – complex and convoluted are 2 very separate entities). Abstract thoughts and approaches often elude me. This is something I need to develop – I understand what reflection is and why it is important, but have yet to grasp how to do it for myself personally. I also find it useful to speak to Gil about non-Chartership things as well. I am not the best at opening up with people, as I have burned in the past, so this is quite a large step for me personally as I have not known Gil an awfully long time. This can cover things as management issues, studies (my disappointment at MA course as well as dissertation) and the future. We also discussed possibilities of using the library as a venue for different events – maybe even an un-conference. Basically Gil is aces.

My goals for the next meeting (4th March) is:

  • Developed an evidence monitoring/storage system
  • Produced 1st draft of reflective statement

Overall, the most important thing to come out of this meeting was really setting my mind at ease, and help me focus on the next steps. I have an expected June finish.


I should of noted in the earlier version of 2 very useful and helpful posts that have been shared around this week – Chartership and the KISS Principle and Laura’s guide to Chartership. These are both full of very practical advice. I would recommend everyone who is undertaking Chartership to check them out.


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