Chartership – Managing my evidence

I am not so sure if it is coincidental or not, but this past week there has been a lot of ‘twitter-chatter’ regarding the Chartership and how to best organise yourself for it – something I have commented on my own personal difficulties, even this week. So I decided this week to devise a simple solution to this particular problem that suits my needs. This is by no means a solution for all. It is suitable to my way of thinking and for my particular problems (too much evidence and what is ‘library’ and what is ‘Michael’) It is based on ideas/suggestions by Chartership and the KISS Principle, Laura’s guide to Chartership as well as @elloyb via Twitter so a massive thank you to them for sharing their thoughts. If you think my particular approach is suitable to your needs feel free to use, but please acknowledge. Thank you.

This is a multi-part matrix to record and manage my evidence. It is based upon my Continued Personal Professional Development Plan. The first task was to broadly group my activities in quite general topics (these will also form the structure of my reflective piece). These are level 1. The more specific activities/objectives are then levels 2 and level 3 (see table below). The evidence is then listed below and where it may possibly meet the CPPD objectives it is quite simply marked.

Level 1

Develop Core Library Skills & Knowledge

Improve Management Skills

Broaden Health Knowledge

Improve Interpersonal Skills

Level 2

Core skill Base +


Gen. Lib Know



Class. Skills +

Self assessment


Project MGMT

Contribute more to Dept.

Reflection +

Assertiveness +

Reg. contribution +


Level 3

LQF 360

Level 2


Social Prescribing

Level 2

Potential Evidence – Tick Box if relevant. Don’t forget to add to appropriate extra sheet.
NPC attendance





Current awareness service audit





JB statement re: shadowing



ALL evidence will be 1st entered into here and then into appropriate extra table (as described below)

From here – each Level 1 is given its own table. This is where the evidence is linked with the Chartership criteria. The example below is the table for ‘Develop core library skills and knowledge’. Each table will be help me manage the evidence, but also build up my reflective statement as it will show themes developing.

Evidence Title

Evidence – why?

Criteria 1 – Ability to Reflect on Personal Performance and evaluate service performance

Criteria 2 – Active commitment to CPD

Criteria 3 – Ability to analyse personal & professional development with reference to experiential and developmental activities

Breadth of knowledge and understanding of the wider professional context


New Professionals Conference

Improved networking skills, allowed grasp of library issues beyond health, possible eb-LIS





Blog post here

Current Awareness Service Audit

Service audit – shows service development and how I changed approach to service delivery



Hard copy X

e-copy stored in X

Etc. etc.

So that’s in a nutshell. The tables haven’t been reproduced as I would have liked – but i feel you can grasp the concept from what you can see. Hopefully it made sense If you have any questions/comments etc I’d be happy to chat.


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