Library Day in the Life 8 – Reflections #libday8

So another week of #libday is over. Personally it is perhaps too early to reflect professionally on the week as a whole and will be more useful perhaps when #libday9 comes around – though I shall share my initial thoughts. My week personally was actually quite disjointed and disappointing. I felt it was only 2 and a bit days ‘proper’ work due to leave, leave catch-up early in the week and then solo-librarian duty on Friday. Hopefully it has given anyone reading at least a flavour of what I do, and a look into the non-medically reliant health library sector. I’m not sure how successful my approach to blogging about #libday8 was either. Instead of approaching it in a linear mode, I tried to draw out themes of the day and expand upon them. I felt this would perhaps compliment my linear twitter feed nicely. Personally, at this stage perhaps it was quite hit and miss? As I continue to develop – this may prove useful or possibly even seem quite child-like when I look back upon it? Any feedback on the style I attempted would be greatly appreciated.

Here are some of the blogs and/or posts I have been following/found enjoyable in no particular order. I made a conscious effort to try and stay away from those I follow on twitter, those I know in real life and also those in the same library ‘field’. Normally I would gravitate to other health-librarians in search for best practice etc. but not this time: public, academic, specialist and students – all are welcome! These folk seem to have really interesting jobs in different sectors/fields. I have also looked more internationally this year. Anyway click, read and enjoy!

It’s strange to note that a lot of these posts are more linear than mine entries. Maybe that is why I enjoyed them! It’s also a pity that I am sadly so uni-lingual (and barely at that) as there were so many fascinating people internationally blogging that I could not read. Damn my ignorance. My final point – do people work harder when others are watching? My guess is some do, most don’t – as they work hard enough anyway. Check out more Library Day in the Life stuff here.

My Week as a ‘Tag-Cloud’ (taken from Twitter Feed)

It can also be viewed here:


2 thoughts on “Library Day in the Life 8 – Reflections #libday8

  1. I’m working on a masters in library science in the US, so I enjoyed stumbling upon your blog this morning! All the best with your work and studies.

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