So after a few weeks off, due to changes in the research focus, Chartership work, preparation for an interview, never-ending (and ever-increasing) work pressures, #PS3 obligations among other things, I feel it is need to restart the setting of public targets, goals and deadlines.

Since my last post (Week 4) my research has changed I feel quite significantly. It has only this week I have realised that I cannot simply transfer/amend what I have already done, to meet the new needs and then progress from there. It is a complete change. My research question has gone from:

“The Role of an Information Professional in a ‘Knowledge Hub’ to inform a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment: A Case Study”


“Removing Barriers to Knowledge Sharing in an Inter-Organizational setting: Challenging the Yang & Maxwell Model. ‘Bolton Health Matters’ Case Study”

As you can see these questions, whilst both similar in area covered – focusing on the same piece of work – are very different. They also have different research strategies. All this considered, I have decided (some would say a month too late) that I need to restart the piece of research. I have the advantage of aspects being transferable, but not to the detriment of the overall quality. My next meeting with my tutor is on 15th March and I want to be almost where I was in Janurary with the original question. With this in mind my 5 goals for the remainder of the week are

  1. Draft new scope
  2. Draft new aim
  3. Draft new objectives
  4. Scope gaps in literature review
  5. Read up on action research

This along with all the pressures mentioned in the opening paragraph is plenty to keep me busy!