Dewey Quandary: 362.1 vs. 613’s vs. 614’s

We (as in the library) are currently undergoing a re-classification of our book stock from our own internally developed system to DDC23. We have a very specific stock, we are a ‘Primary Care’ Library but with an emphasis on Public health and Health Promotion.

In Dewey these tend to be classed under:

  • 362.1 (Social Problems of & Services to groups of People>People with Physical Illness)
  • 613 (Personal Health and Safety)
  • 614 (Public Preventive Medicine)

Now I have a couple of issues with these classifications:

  1. 614 – Whilst ‘Public Health’ it is very much a specific definition of public health, and not the one i would generally accept. It is more about communicable disease than the whole of modern public health problems (i.e. obesity, CVD etc.) It seems a very narrow definition IMO.
  2. 362.1 vs. 613 vs. 614 – Health Promotion books in particular can fit into anyone of these, which leads to breaking up of the collections – something which i am acutely trying to avoid. Many of the books could fit in any of these sections.

I would define myself as a novice when it comes to cat. & class. I am trying to devise a way where these books can be re-classified in keeping with Dewey, but with a consistency that our old system had (i.e. a collection together not spread out).

So – is that possible? Any tips would be gratefully received!


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